Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Homegrown Revolution

My friend Heather shared this you-tube video about a family who grows most of their food on a small urban lot in California. It is an amazing story of what they grow. Toward the end they talk about using hand powered appliances like washing machines, blenders, wheat grinders.....well um I am not quite there but definitely into growing my own food. I have always wanted to live rural and have chickens, goats and a big garden. Like they said...it creates freedom
They talk about eating and buying locally which I think is important. We as a family are working toward increasing what we buy being close to our home. We have started by buying our meat from local farms and I am getting better at trying to buy produce locally grown especially in the summer....there is really no excuse not to.
It's a few minutes longer but worth it. I am now inspired to plant a garden on my "city" lot even though it will be small and limited because of exposure. I am even considering growing things in winter this year.

The family on the video has a website called Path to Freedom.


Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Awesome- I loved the video and I'm posting it!
I'm excited to have a gardening buddy this summer!

Tracy said...

We are planning to garden this year. I know NOTHING about doing it, but have a friend who said she would help me and I am so excited. It is very hard to get good produce up here.

Stacy said...

wow. thanks for the link.
it is inspiring. but i'm definitely not ready to switch to a hand-powered blender! (yikes!) :)