Thursday, January 10, 2008

Non- Fiction 2008 Book List

I have compiled my non-fiction reading list for the year. This is the first year I have committed to reading books ahead of time. I tend to have many books on the go at once......which means I don't always finish them. Many of the books on my list are ones I need to actually finish, not start. There are a few re-reads. I try to read one on the cross every year. I was thinking of attempting Stott this year but decided against it. I will save him for next year :o). I haven't decided on any fiction as of yet, but working on it. Here goes.

The Power of Prayer in a Believers Life by Spurgeon

The Cross Centered Life by Mahaney (re-read)

All Things for Good by Thomas Watson (finish)

Humility by Mahaney

God's Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts (our care group book study this year)

Don't Waste Your Life by Piper (finish)

Love that Last by Ricucci (read with hubby)

God's Guidance A Slow and Certain Light by E. Elliot

Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn (with my kiddos)

Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo (finish)

From Grief to Glory by James W. Bruce (finish)

Instruments in The Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp (finish)

The True Women by Susan Hunt (re-read)

When Sinners Say "I Do" by Dave Harvey (with hubby)
Do you see the overwhelming pattern here?


Heather_in_WI said...

Ummmm -- your nonfiction 2006 booklist? {grin}

Mrs. "M" said...

Thanks Heather. I am a bit behind I guess LOL!

Melanie said...

great list and nice variety!

Beka said...

Hi! I just realized it's been a while since I've been over here to check in... glad to see you're doing well.
Nice book list! Looks like a lot of really good reads. I have read the Spurgeon Power of Prayer book (a couple of times!) and it is quite powerful. Hope it's a blessing to you.

Heather_in_WI said...


I think I'm going to post a booklist too. Last night I was looking at all the books I've bought and not read yet!!! No more new books {grin} until I read the ones I already have!!! Maybe posting the list will give me the kick in the butt to read them. :-)


Julie Stiles Mills said...

No posting a book list for me. One more "to do" list just might take me right over the edge. Reading is what I do to RELIEVE stress. The last thing I want to do is add something else to my life I will feel guilty about if I don't do it.

I'm going to go read something now. I don't know what. But something. ahhhhh.

Loraena said...

Great list! I might do a post like this too! We have a lot of overlapping books. =D