Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why Blog?

I have been thinking lately about why I started to blog. The main reason is because I enjoy writing. The second reason, I have a desire to see doctrine become a more normal part of my everyday daily life and the lives of other women. Do dirty diapers, laundry and dishes have anything to do with doctrine? How do I bring the gospel to bare on the seeming mundane task of life and it's circumstances? How does the gospel apply in all those moments of life that seem so pointless?

One of my first post on this is here. I have a desire to refocus my blog. I have thought of having more then one blog. One for homeschool and family and then another for areas of doctrine & growth. I have decided against it, the very place I want to apply doctrine better is in the educating of my kids, marriage and everyday family life. Separating them would work against what I am trying to accomplish. Though I hope my musings of this happening in my life effects others, truly it is for me. I find writing out the ways I am growing in this make them more real. It sets what I am learning into my understanding in ways only thinking about them cannot.

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Anonymous said...

I thought about creating separate blogs, too, but decided against it for a couple of reasons: 1) it takes more time, 2) there is no reason why my one blog can't accommodate everything I want to share, whether it be about faith, life, motherhood, schooling, or something silly, and 3) I'd write for one and neglect the other. So, my one is probably all I'll ever do.