Friday, December 21, 2007

Remembering at Christmas

In our family, Christmas brings with it many memories and reminders. The reminder that our saviour has come and that we are missing a few members of our family. Our first son Jonah would be 5 1/2 years old this Christmas. I made our family stockings when my oldest was a baby, each year I would add the new member of the family. Naturally, I made Jonah a stocking the first Christmas we had without him. I am so glad I did. Every year we bring it out and remember. We write him a little note each year and place it in his stocking. My 7 year old gets them out each year and reads them....they are a treasured part of our Christmas.
I also purchased an ornament for him. Every year our children pick a new ornament for the tree. It seemed only fitting to get one for Jonah the first year after he left us. We also have purchased tiny little stockings for the two babies we lost to miscarriage at 12 weeks. The kids really wanted to do this and honestly so did I. We purchased an ornament for each the first Christmas after their loss. Each year we put the babies ornaments on the tree last as a way to honor them.
I can imagine others may think this is a form of torture......I can totally understand that thought. It isn't though. I miss my son and the dream of the two little ones with Jesus. I also love to remember the gift they were and that they are with Jesus and waiting. Though it does bring grief to the surface, it comes as a gift and treasure not a burden.
Merry Christmas in heaven little ones. See you soon!


Heather_in_WI said...

Ahh. I've been thinking about my little Benjamin these past few days, too. {Hugs}

Anonymous said...

Mrs. "M",
I think that is a beautiful way to remember and love your children! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family....

Rebeca said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful tradition that includes all the members of your precious family. You continue to be in my prayers. My sister stopped by the other day and had bought us two ornaments in remembrance of our babies who are in heaven too. Remembering is good; they are real, they are loved, and they are part of our families, even if they aren't with us.
A blessed Christmas and joyous new year to you and your family!