Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our Weekend

I stood at the kitchen window watching the snow fall, my children building snowmen. Bing singing White Christmas in the back ground; while I sip my first cup of eggnog. The kettle whistling, preparing for cold hands to wrap around a warm cup of cocoa.....it really felt like Christmas this weekend.

On December 1st we started down the road anticipating the baby, who would come to save use from our sins. Each year we use a Jesse Tree to learn about the coming of Jesus weaved all through out the Old Testament...leading up to the birth of Christ. The kids color symbols that represent what we are reading and discussing. They attach it to the pocket each night before bed (gotta love Velcro). It is a beautiful thing to hear my seven year old reading about the coming of her savior.


Tami said...

You have a beautiful family. Have a wonderful week in the glorious snow! Blessings, Tami

Tracy said...

We had the same kind of weekend. I LOVE it! Looks like your kids enjoyed it too.