Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm so Proud!

This weekend was our church Christmas play. We send out fliers and invited our community as an outreach. It was a simple but beautiful retelling of the Christmas story. This year my husband was a solo singing shepherd. My daughter a cutie little singing angel. It was fun because our little girl sang with her father. My husband can sing, but it's not his comfort zone to do it in front of tons of people with a microphone. He did a great job. Here's a sneak peek.

He is on the far right.

Ain't she cute!

Most all these little angels are homeschooled. We as a family are so blessed to have a church and homeschool community like we do.

Mr. Handsome shepherd himself.


Melanie said...

Encore! Encore!
We enjoyed the play very much...there is so much talent at CW and A was great. SO were the little angles and I was so pleased my daughter got to participate Saturday night with the kids =D

Melanie said...

Oops! I meant angels not angles!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures. Thanks for posting them. It was sweet to see Journey watching her dad, as they both sang.