Friday, December 14, 2007

Grocery Store Musings

My new passion (maybe to strong of a word) is grocery shopping at six-ish in the morning. This morning I rolled out of bed a little before six, threw on some clothes and took off. Everyone in my house still sound asleep. The stores have all gone 24 hours due to Christmas. I wondered the aisles rarely seeing another was bliss. Trying to navigate the pasta aisle mid-day or evening is reminiscent of a nightmare for me. I have a friend (you know who you are) who grocery shops early Saturday morning......I've always thought she was crazy. I get it know.
To top that off, I got a great deal on some things. Makes for one happy homemaker. Quiet peaceful large birth aisles and more money in my pocket. I feel all warm and fuzzy :o)
I will miss when the stores go back to normal hours. I've always wanted to go shopping at 2am but never actually done it. Maybe this will be the year.


Stephanie said...

You know, that actually sounds worth getting up before 6 for. I can appreciate the warm and fuzzy feelings! I just might have to try it myself. :)


Hes said...

You go girl!

One nice thing about 8 on Saturdays is the regulars... a small community within a crazy city!

random lurker :-)