Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everything, Everyday

Everything, everyday in life is about the gospel. This is a hard one for me to keep at the forefront of my thoughts as I fly through my day. Is the gospel enough for this moment and in this situation?

Yesterday morning I was headed to the dentist for my four year old, a pediatric dentist at that.
We crawled in the car pretty much on time with not much room for error. I started the car to warm ran for a minutes and then slowly died. I tried to restart it and nothing. My natural response went like this, "Can you believe this? Could there be worse timing? I don't want to deal with husband is out of town.......blah blah blah." You get the idea. Then the verbal rant began in front of my children. Is was a grand example of lack of faith, excessive complaining, anger, get the picture. Then, by the grace of God I caught myself. I was able to ask myself "How does the gospel apply right now to this moment?" I asked my children to forgive me for my sin, confessed to God. I ask my seven year old to pray for God to help us. She asked God to start the car. I turned the key and it started like there was nothing wrong with it and off we went. Both my children were encouraged. My son said "Can Jesus fix things that break mama?" My seven year old was beaming ear to ear. She was impressed with God in that moment. Their faith was built in a small moment of life.

Now, my temptation would be to think that my repentance or momentary "good" choice brought about that faith building moment. Ha....that is laughable. God in his perfect plan chose to do as he pleased to build their faith, show me my sin (see the list above) and reveal his gospel in a normal everyday moment of life.
You might be thinking how would God be glorified had it not gone your way :o) Great thought! It didn't go my desired route because I had great faith but because He has great plans. If the car had not started and we missed the dentist (considering what they told me it might have been more pleasant to miss it) then there would have been a a purposed, loving, for my good plan in it. So much of my daily frustrations are found in not believing God truly is in control of even the tiniest moments of my day. He is purposed in each moment for my good and his own glory. If only I could remember that in each moment......but then again it won't be held against me because of mercy. A win-win situation for me!

Now pray for me to apply all this to the dental bill!

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