Saturday, November 10, 2007

Take the Challenge

I want to introduce you to a fairly new blog and my friend at Keeper of the Home. I have been challenged and encouraged to serve and care for my family in very practical ways by reading her blog. She currently has a Savvy Spending Challenge. I have decided to take it and see what I can save in our grocery/ household budget.
This is an area where I am always thinking and trying to get the best bang for my buck. Lately though, I have become lazy about it. There have been circumstances to cause that, like loosing this last baby and moving twice in six months (don't recommend that). My only excuse now is sheer laziness and lack of being purposeful.
I have recently started tutoring another home school child in our church community which brings in more income. Our desire is to not include that extra income into our current budget and make it all savings. I am looking forward to seeing the fruit of making better choices and continuing to grow in living a contented life with what God has given us. Financially and family size :o)

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