Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Update

Is it Friday already? My last post was last Sunday! I am going to throw out a bit of whats been going on around here. Hopefully it will slow down next week.

* I have started to tutor a 5th grade boy within my church community 2x a week. We as a family are making the adjustments to mama being gone for 4-5 hours per week. It works great because my husband works from home. I am gone over lunch and regular quiet time in our house. So the kids do lunch with dad and have their QT in their rooms and then I am home. It's a great help to us, and this little guy is a great kid! It is really the best case scenario for me to earn a bit of money.

* I have been pricing and sorting all our baby stuff to sell at a swap in our local city. It has been a process getting organized. I will spend the day tomorrow with one of my best buddies making money. Can't beat that! I am considering making it a mini business to buy used items in good shape and resell then at these swaps. We also have a toy store locally that will trade good quality toys for others. So the kids have gone through their rooms before Christmas. I then take them to trade and then we buy their Christmas gifts. They will figure it our one day.... hehe! I am always looking for away to reuse stuff and save a buck.

* I have not gotten my household organized since our two moves this year. I have been working on a plan. My bi-annual personal planning weekend is coming up soon. I am trying to get some things thought through, so I can get them implemented over that weekend. I am re-looking at our schooling that weekend also. I am looking forward to that time....for many reasons. I am so grateful for my husband who makes this happen for me.

* I talked to my best-est dearest friend this week for over an hour. That was a real highlight. I have known her since I was 19 and she lives far away. One of these days I will wrap my arms around her neck and squeeze. We haven't seen each other since my oldest was 6 months. My daughter is now 7 years old.

* I have also been working very hard to cook from scratch and focus on good meals. This has always been struggle for me.

Well that is the gist of my week. And why I haven't been around. I have to find my blogging space again since I am gone two afternoons a week now. I have also found, since I began to use the reader on google I don't comment as much. I don't like that!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've been busy!

Tracy said...

That is so nice that you can make some extra money that way. I hope you can get your house organized from your moves soon...I can't imagine having to move two times so close together!