Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

This statement has always bothered me. Because practice doesn't make things perfect. Practice makes improvements, changes or progress but perfection? Who are we trying to fool, yet my nature will try to attain it. There is only one kind of perfection; it was displayed on the cross and delivered with the utmost grace and mercy. We will never taste true satisfying perfection until that day when we see Him face to face. That perfection will be all about Him....Oh what a day! When I think on this, I cannot imagine thinking from a sinless point of view.

Now that we have laid this thought against the cross......what are we practicing? Do we practice what we already know or are we waiting for that magical moment to appear that wipes away the need to move and do? Prior to my recent post about Discontent, I had been waiting for some moment in time where I would find relief from the feelings of discontent, simply by waiting and giving myself time. Though there is wisdom in giving ones self time for a season, I have been challenged to see contentment as a pursuit. I am to be content in all things....am I practicing that? Practice and pursuit are action words. How am I taking action to be content on a daily basis? If I am feeding myself God's truth am I then practicing it in the moments of my day? Am I chasing it down and applying it to my words, responsibilities and relationships? Am I making financial choices that back up the circumstance I am to pursue contentment within? Is my thought life aligned with where I am heading.......toward contentment in what God has allowed or living in the place I wish I were?

No one is perfect in their practice but by God's grace I want to be available and joy filled for His purposes. One of the biggest hindrances I have found to this is immobility.......a lack of purposefulness in pursuing. Not just making a mental decision to follow truth but putting one foot in front of the other toward that truth.

One way I am pursuing my contentment is by letting go of the baby stuff. This isn't the answer for everyone but it is for me. Holding onto it feeds the "what if" world that can be so bad for my heart. What if my husband changes his mind? What if we some how get pregnant again? What if we adopt? All of these things are a pursuit of what "I want" not God's perfect plan and goodness to me right now....which is being done with having children. That stuff I hold onto is a comfort issue. It's just stuff and can be replaced "if" God allows us in what ever form to be blessed with another child. Letting go of this has brought hope. A knowing that God will provide the ability to let it go, and all that is needed if our circumstance changes. This is one of those places where I have experienced a peace that passed my mental ability to understand.

It could easily be thought that emotions are wrong in this "practicing"....which wouldn't be the case. They are so much apart of the process and growing. They are a gift from God. When they become the base camp from which I make my decisions and choices...that's when they cease to be a blessing. When I neglect others due to how I feel I am in big trouble!

What a good and faithful savior! Not only to provide all I need for life and godliness, but mostly because even if I fall short in my pursuit of contentment (which I will), He will never leave nor forsake me. This mercy swallows me at times!


Gen said...

Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful post.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love you my friend, this post reminds me of our many conversations! You write your thoughts so well you should print off all your post on beautiful paper and bind them in a book. Your words will be quoted by many and heal many. God is using you in ways you will never know!

Mama lee

Melanie said...

Good point and some great thoughts! As one with perfectionistic tendencies, the truth is that often because something can't be done "perfectly" I don't even begin it, so a lot goes undone. When the reality is perfection never will come, this side of glory - BUT it has come through Christ.

Heather_in_WI said...

"Do we practice what we already know or are we waiting for that magical moment to appear that wipes away the need to move and do?"

Good stuff there.