Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Day After

I am big on tradition. One of our favorite traditions is the day after Halloween. We don't do the normal Halloween celebrations. We have decided to see it as just another day. Not right or wrong, just how we've decided to do it.
In our family the biggest thing about October 31st is really the day after. We get up and get dressed. Grab breakfast and go out the door. We swing by Timmy's (Tim Horton's is a coffee shop in Canada) for a coffee and a donut. We then proceed to the stores to find treasured dress up clothes for the year. Most costumes are 50-75% off the day after Halloween.
Here are the finds from our treasure hunt.
Makes for very happy kiddos!


Rebeca said...

November 1st is one of our favorite days too because it's the birthday of our firstborn, who turned five yesterday! And we celebrate every year with a costume party and lots of fun. We don't do halloween either but we do love dressing up. And little boys, who are growing bigger, are certainly reason to celebrate! The costumes are part of my son's birthday presents, and they certainly get played with all year long.
I grew up having Reformation Day parties as a child. It was always fun. My parents would do a skit of Martin Luther that really helped us to understand the significance of the day.
You are in my continued prayers.

Mrs. "M" said...

Thanks for your prayers! I love the idea of the Reformation Party. I am thinking of doing that next year.

Tracy said...

Great idea! Great dress-up costumes! I bet they LOVE those.