Friday, October 26, 2007

His Kingdom Come

I read this post over at Solo Femininity this morning. Our church is growing and pursuing how to better reach those around us with the gospel. We had a great discussion this week in our care group meeting about this very thing. This post encouraged and challenged me.

Our discussion has really prompted me to think. Our family lifestyle does not lend to natural contact with non Christians. My husband works at home, we homeschool our children and I stay at home to help with both those things. When do I have natural contact....very rarely. The grocery store....the doctors office.....all places where real conversation is difficult to start and continue for any real length of time. We are still thinking through this and praying, knowing God will give use some ideas. It is so easy to get so caught up in the go-go and tasks of life that I don't even see the people around me when I do go out.

This quote from a recent message at our church really effected my thinking about people.

Quote by Rhondi Lauterback (not being mindful and ready to preach the gospel)

"I’m figuring out my drink order, counting my change to see if I can add an extra
shot of caffeine to my day. “Grande,” I mumble, barely looking up. “Make that a
triple shot,” finishing the mental math. I plunk my change into his extended palm,
mentally check my to do list and calculate the next three stops I am going to
make. Then a still, small voice stops me. I love him. Surprised, I look around.
Who, Lord? Him? I see the kid in front of me for the first time. A person. Made in
God’s image. I almost missed him.
What keeps me from seeking the lost? At least half the time the answer is that I
don’t even see them. I often don’t see the person in front of me as lost. I barely
even see him as a person. I may see him as an interruption or an obstacle or a
means to my ends for the day. I may see him as a “sinner” and label the sin
without a second thought. I may even see him as my evangelism project. But a

(Sorry, can't get the quote to parapgraph properly)

God give me the vision to see more then myself...... to see your purpose and Kingdom come every time I go out my front door.

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