Monday, September 03, 2007

School Kick Off!

We officially start school on Labor day. Our tradition is to go out to breakfast as a family for pancakes. As a side note....I was able to order grits in a Canadian restaurant this morning. It's the first time in 9 years of living here. My American appetite was very grateful. I have to cross the border to buy them to eat at home.
After breakfast we come home to a treasure hunt. I wrap their school supplies and we hide them around the house. They love opening them like Christmas. We also buy each of them a new book and special pencil to start the new year. Then we spend the afternoon decorating and making notebook covers for each subject. I give them stickers etc. We enjoyed making my daughters science notebook the most this year. Tomorrow we start the academics. It has been a fun day hanging together. I just baked banana bread with lots of cinnamon and a bit of coffee in it....yum! What a privilege it is to be at home with my kids.
Happy Learning!


ukrainiac said...

"What a privilege it is to be home with my kids." My favorite sentence in your post! Wish I had thought of those creative ways to bring in the new school year...sounds like fun!

Tracy said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun! I love the idea to wrap and hide their gifts! How great! The pancakes sound yummy too...maybe I will do that at home and do it early enough so my hubby and oldest can have some before they leave...pray for me if you think of it, tomorrow will be a hard day for me. Dallas will be going back (leaving at 7AM with dad) and won't be home until 5:30 because of soccer (at least he is with my husband)...this will be a BIG change for me.

Mrs. "M" said...

*Thanks for stopping by ukrainiac. I have some friends who spend years in the Ukraine as missionaries and some dear friends who adopted three children from Kazakhstan.

*Sure Tracy I will pray for you today. I would find it hard myself :o( but your right....what better place could he be but with your hubby.

Tracy said...

THank you SOOO much for praying, you don't know how much that means to me...and I think it is awesome that we can pray for each other! The LORD was gracious to me today and I feel such peace about him being there. My husband came home to grab lunch and said Dallas was doing great! That was great to know...Thanks again!

Melanie said...

I gave you an award! Come visit for the details.

Larissa said...

What an encouragement to look forward to homeschooling! We won't be starting for two years, but I am truly anticipating that season in our lives! Many Blessings!

kara said...

hey mrs.m!
i dont think i got a chance to thank you and your husband for opening up your home the last day i was there for caregroup.
it was a blessing to be able to be in your home for that meeting.
true hospitality.

so, thank you!