Friday, September 28, 2007

Edible Earth

This year in we are studying Earth Science and Space. Our first lesson a few weeks ago was on the layers of the earth. We made this Edible Earth. It was so much fun and yummy too. This is why I haven't been around much....I have thrown myself into having fun with my kids. We made a "Flap Seasons Book" to come of that at some point!

Here are the gourmet chefs preparing the sticky part of our concoction. Really it's just pure corn syrupy marshmellows and butter.....yum!

Pour in the Rice Crispy's!

Stuff your cherry inside a large marshmellow and mould the rice and mellows around it
to make

Crush your cookies into crumbs (we used Oreo's while eating the white stuffing :o) and roll your Earth around to add the crust.

Here's The Earth!

Cut in half and EAT!
You have your inner and outer core, mantle and the crust.
This is what I call hands and mouth "on" learning.


Anonymous said...

That's cool. We always use a hard-boiled egg to illustrate the layers.

Tracy said...

Now THAT'S my kind of learning! :)

Elise said...

Oh, we've done this, too - so much fun! Yours turned out great! :) Ours was a little lopsided...