Friday, September 28, 2007

Format Change

I have been wanting to change my blog format for awhile. I like this one because of all the nice lines and defined boxes. A little revealing about my personality....ya think!

Edible Earth

This year in we are studying Earth Science and Space. Our first lesson a few weeks ago was on the layers of the earth. We made this Edible Earth. It was so much fun and yummy too. This is why I haven't been around much....I have thrown myself into having fun with my kids. We made a "Flap Seasons Book" to come of that at some point!

Here are the gourmet chefs preparing the sticky part of our concoction. Really it's just pure corn syrupy marshmellows and butter.....yum!

Pour in the Rice Crispy's!

Stuff your cherry inside a large marshmellow and mould the rice and mellows around it
to make

Crush your cookies into crumbs (we used Oreo's while eating the white stuffing :o) and roll your Earth around to add the crust.

Here's The Earth!

Cut in half and EAT!
You have your inner and outer core, mantle and the crust.
This is what I call hands and mouth "on" learning.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slowly, Slowly

I am not patient when I don't feel well physically. All I see are the things that are going undone and will need to be caught up later :o) On top of that the grief has begun to catch up with me... as it should. I am slowly getting my energy back.....physical and otherwise. My house is a mess and and school awaits my attention. Getting back on track feels a bit daunting. I read this post at Holy Experience and left encouraged...reminded that there is joy in each step of the way. I hope you are encouraged too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wee Hours of the Morning

The wee hours of the morning are the quietest of the day. I found myself sneaking into my children's bedrooms at about 4 am Saturday morning. I found my four year old son every which way in his bed. He sleeps like he lives....on the move. I straightened his little body, tucked in his covers and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. I love that little boy. I then moved into my daughters room....the light in her fish tank still shining. She was wrapped up in her covers like a burrito...she hates to be cold. I kissed her sweet face and moved hair our of her eyes. She didn't move a muscle. What grace that we "know" these little people. What gifts these two are to us....what miracles they seem to me in light of the loss we were facing again....the third time. I headed back to the couch where for the last five and a half hours I was having intense contractions. The lull in the storm compelled me to go see my two living children.

That evening we waited in the hospital for a D&C over four hours, only to be told we were bumped from the O.R. and had to go home. The baby had already been gone an estimated 5 weeks by now...a missed miscarriage. We were told this could drag on for a long time. We were given meds to help it along at home.

I made it to the couch, exhausted from no sleep and hard work. As I lay drifting in thought my body faithfully let me know, as God has designed it, that I needed to push. At 4:20 am my fifth little baby's body passed from mine. I felt relief, gratefulness and sadness all at the same time. My body, with a little help had finally done it's job.

I am recovering....slower then I anticipated but better each day. I am grieving but very differently then my last miscarriage. As I process this being our last pregnancy the grief will show itself very clearly in it's own time. God has been good to us in all He has allowed. I am so much more grateful for my two children that have remained with me. What gifts they are!
Thank you for your prayers and kind words over the last weeks....they have done my heart good.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thanks to everyone who is praying for us. We are encouraged and grateful for your prayers. There is not much to update really.....nothing has changed since last week. My body has seemed to stall (as it did last time). On a more practical note.....In Canada the choice to have a D&C isn't really yours it is completely up to the doctor. You kinda have to search to find one to help you...yes it is crazy! If I become ill from this then they will help me but until then they can tell me to wait a very long time. God's grace is sufficient either way but I am feeling tired as I sit at home waiting for a phone call to see if the doctor on that day will help us. Makes this whole process definitely more tedious. We feel sorta of suspended in our grief.
I continue to homeschool and do my stuff and wait...knowing God is even teaching us in the wait. Thanks again for your prayer and kind words.

*Today I feel burdened to pray for the children of 9-11 left without parents. I am so grateful that my children have both their father and their mother. As you pray for us....remember these young must be so hard for them.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fly Away Home

Our two living treasures were safe at home with a friend. We drove off in anticipation of seeing this new little one for the first time....but we discovered from this ultrasound that our 5th little baby went home to Jesus.

Does it break a mama's heart to have to say goodbye (for now) to her baby? I cannot tell you how much. But where can a mother grieve and rejoice in the same the foot of the cross. He has paid for death already. This little baby isn't truly dead as we think of death.... our baby is simply missing from this earth but present with Jesus. This baby will never know pain, tears or hardship. Our baby will only know a sin-less world along with it's two older siblings. If our baby can't be in my arms, the best place it can be is in the arms of the Lord. How can I not find joy in knowing this baby fully "sees" Jesus and is fully known....whole and completely satisfied with no need or want. There is such tremendous peace knowing this little one is gazing in the face of the savior.

We are doing well. Are we sad and grieving over losing the dream of having another child to love and raise? Absolutely! It feels especially painful at times due to infertility up to this point. We also feel this is it for us in regards to having biological children. That's a grieving process in itself. We are at peace with knowing God is good and sovereign. We rest in His perfect care and plan for us and that of our little baby. We are grateful that through our saviors great mercy this baby is safe though away from us for a season.

We could use your prayers. I have not passed the baby physically. Our last miscarrage ended in a D&C, because my body never did its job. They are recommending we do the same again. We have a few decisions to make. Also please pray that we will find favor in the medical system (if you live in Canada you know what I mean). The last miscarriage was a bit of a hassle in that regard...I would love to see this go more smoothly. Pray for our children too. My son was so eager to be a big brother.

Monday, September 03, 2007

School Kick Off!

We officially start school on Labor day. Our tradition is to go out to breakfast as a family for pancakes. As a side note....I was able to order grits in a Canadian restaurant this morning. It's the first time in 9 years of living here. My American appetite was very grateful. I have to cross the border to buy them to eat at home.
After breakfast we come home to a treasure hunt. I wrap their school supplies and we hide them around the house. They love opening them like Christmas. We also buy each of them a new book and special pencil to start the new year. Then we spend the afternoon decorating and making notebook covers for each subject. I give them stickers etc. We enjoyed making my daughters science notebook the most this year. Tomorrow we start the academics. It has been a fun day hanging together. I just baked banana bread with lots of cinnamon and a bit of coffee in it....yum! What a privilege it is to be at home with my kids.
Happy Learning!