Friday, August 24, 2007

Savages eh?

I came across this article in my online reading. It is about a mom who sees children as nothing but a pain and annoyance. Her article is actually laughable because she is so far over the edge. It stricks me as an attention thing cause it definitely will stir the pot. Does she really believe what she is saying completely.....I seriously doubt it if she's truly honest with herself. I would really hate to be her children! Her complaint is that in feeling this way she is deemed selfish. If the shoe fits wear it.
What I also thought as I read is... this reeks of discrimination. She is talking about people. If anyone talked about another group of people in our society with such disdain and disregard there would be outrage.


Melanie said...

My American friend - you are well on to becoming Canadian eh?
I read the article this morning too. Sadly, before I had a Biblical perspective on children and mothering this is exactly what I thought of kids too.

Mrs. "M" said...

Well Mel....I guess I think to highly of you ;o) cuz it is hard for me to believe that even before your biblical perspective days that you would demean children and basically call them useless and worthless.
She points out some true things about having children. They are work, time consuming, can be boring especially when they are toddlers (from a mind stimulating point of view)etc. She is missing that key part that it isn't about her.
She takes value away from children as people completely. I would hate to hear what she thinks of disabled people if she feels this way about children. It's just so don't strike me as narrow LOL!

Stacy said...

Arggh! What I kept thinking as I skimmed this article was: "Her poor children! Surely they must know this is what their mom thinks. Or will all too soon." What a tragedy.