Friday, August 24, 2007

Potty Training

We are on our 4th or 5th attempt at potty training my just turned 4 year old. The road has been long and messy ;o). I think we have lift off this time. He is now in underwear all day except sleeping (where he stays dry 95% of the time anyway). Wetting has been a breeze....the other..well not so much.

Today my son let me in on a little secret. I called him to myself to remind him about going to the potty when he feels poo coming. I said when you feel pressure on your bum go to the potty and call me. He replied by saying "My bum doesn't feel pressure laughs when I have to poo. So when my bum laughs I will run to the potty and call you okay"

I almost fell off my chair howling. Hey whatever works!


Tracy said...

Ug, we had this same issue with our first. They all get it eventually...and you're right...whatever works!

Trivium Academy said...

Lol! "Ok?" ROTFL!

Pulling myself together knowing that our 3yo is headed there too.
:) Jessica

genoaallen said...

Hey Sandi,
Did I ever tell you the garden hose story about my 4th son??
It worked!!
Love ya,

Cara said...

Oh, the joys that await me... Hopefully there will be funny comments from my kiddos too to keep me smiling through it...