Friday, August 17, 2007

Our School Day

Stacy over at With Great Joy was asking about what the morning looks like in other homeschooling homes. So I decided to talk about that as well as the rest of our day. I think the number of kids you have helps determine the amount of structure needed in my opinion. I only have two (until March 2008) and Stacy has three that are quite young.
I try and get up before the kids by about 6:20am. Have coffee, quiet time and then try to walk daily. Lately with being very tired it happens less then normal. I have a tread mill for the winter. I try to shower and be good to go by 8-8:15am but doesn't always happen. If I cannot shower by 8 husband does family devos and then I have breakfast and I shower quickly after. The kids husband works from home so they aren't really alone. He is at his computer desk and can hear them. Like I said depending on age and number this may not work for everyone. My kids are 7 and just turned 4. They both tend to wake about the same time...7:30 ish. I won't wake them unless they aren't up by family devos.
I like to be done by the 8 ish time frame....that's my goal. If I make that then after family devos the kids get dressed and do chores. I have a chore chart this year that they each check off. I find that helpful. While they are getting dressed and tidy their room and bathroom I unload the dishwasher and try to fold one load of laundry. They help me but it away and we start school. I aim to start at 9 ish. I used to have definite time frames for everything but found I become military mom because of my result oriented ways. I find routine and structure better then a timed schedule. I sin less...just being honest. :o) So the following is the routine.

*My 7 year does piano while my 4 year old has a 20 minute play time alone in his room.

*My 7 year old does independent work like spelling, language review, and copywork in her room for 30 minutes while I have one on one time with my 4 year old.

*10:00 ish we do First Language lessons together...mostly oral

*Snack and break for 15-20 mins ...sometimes I read aloud or we just chat.
I might check email quickly

*Math with 7yr old....4 yr old plays alone.
I have activities only during school if he can't content himself

* History or Science all together...I make extra copies for my 4 year old to color. This isn't always smooth but is getting easier.

*12:45 ish is Lunch

* Reading aloud and story time
2:00 ish – Whole house QT - 7 yr old art time, reading time, any unfinished work
4 yr old plays, stories or nap

*3:30 ish - outside, free time

*4:30 – supper prep
5:30 –6 Dinner ( after dinner family reading time)

Fridays are project day and odds and ends. We often do our library trip as a family in the evenings once a week.

I tend to clean as I go alot of the time and for big things like floors I do them in QT. One night a week (usually Mondays) after dinner I will clean the kitchen instead of take time in the day. When I bath the kids I will often clean the bathroom then. This works partly because I have older kids. I also use a day of the week for each area of the house. If I have 30 minutes to clean I know on Tuesdays the focus is the bathrooms and Thursday is bedrooms. It serves me well. I also do one load of laundry a day after dinner and throw it in the dryer before bed then fold it in the morning. As a family of four I only do about 5-7 loads a week. I have enough clothes to get through one week.
The other time of day I might get a few chores done is their free time in the afternoon. I find they play beautifully after a full day of school. They need that time to be imaginative together. I also tend to do daily chores like Swiffer right after lunch and get the kids to help with a general tidy up.

This has been good for me to write out for myself. School starts on September 3rd here...I still have a few details to get together....better get moving :o)


Tracy said...

I feel like you are one of the first blogs I have read that hasn't started school ALREADY! We aren't starting until the 3rd or 4th...I think. Maybe I read a lot of southern blogs?? :)

Stacy said...

I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing your schedule and thoughts...

And I love your "-ish's". That's how we go about our days, too- like around 1-ish we have QT (but somedays that's actually 12:30 and somedays it's actually 2:00! :)

Also, this was a good encouragement to me to put together some things the boys can do while Ella does school-- some special "school" activities for them that they play with only during that time. I'll be thinking on that.

Blessings to you and yours today!

Loraena said...

I like your style. Structured, but not rigid. =)

I can't believe people have started school already either. In my area kids don't start until mid September.