Friday, August 03, 2007

Common Homeschool Mom.....Illness

SUPPLEMENTATION! Why? Oh! why do I buy curriculum and then buy 3 other things to supplement it. It's not even a need to cover it's more having many options if there is time and interest. Anyway as I am planning next year I am wishing I had bought an all inclusive science program and I am rethinking all the supplementation I bought for History. With History I have always wanted to integrate and not separate "secular" and biblical history. SOTW needs more but I love the story form and narration.....then Veritas Press is not my style with all the worksheets and constant flipping from one resource to the other. Though I love SOTW I feel I am always looking to supplement with more biblical history. I have bought my SOTW Vol. 2 so I have to make it work this year but may try MOH next year.

With science I am using a plan made by Jessica which means I am doing less work then I could be....thank you Jessica! I am tweaking it to work for us and there are many books involved. For a person who is not a textbook person......why am I suddenly feeling like they aren't such a bad idea. (They aren't bad just not my typical style :o)

I think I am trying to do too much. Simplify! Simplify! I may drop all the extra books for History except the Usbourne Internet-Link Medieval World and The History Lives Chronicles for extra reading when there is time. I want to read these myself so we may use them as our family reading a few nights a week. In science I think I will use one spine, library books and an experiment book. I was thinking of covering Geography along with our study of the Earth and Space this year....but maybe not. I am still working this one out.

Anyway there is a glimpse into the crazy world of the school planning of a supplementation junkie. Any recovering addict with input is welcome:o)


Melanie said...

I can relate, half of what I buy ends up on the shelf. I am way too easily enticed by pretty books that "may" come in handy at some point!

Heather_in_WI said...

ROTFLOL! I think almost every homeschool mom could have written this post at some point. {grin}

LOL, I never thought I would like a textbook for science. But, for us, using a textbook ensures that A) they are covering X,Y, and Z in a systematic fashion and B) --most importantly-- Science gets done.

I do pull 3-5 books from the library for history each week. (They are usually on level 'story' type books that relate to topic, not reference encyclopedias.) I honestly find it too much work to do this for history *and* science!


Tracy said...

I always THINK I need to suppliment, but really end up not needing to. I have a few subjects I LOVE what I use and a few I would be open to change. I found a blog where she is hosting a "Back to Home School Week"...(her link is on my site) I can't wait to read everyone's thoughts and what they use etc.