Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ten Years Today

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. No big party or hoopla. Actually till yesterday we both kinda forgot with all the craziness around here. What is so awesome to me is that it didn't bother me. It's not about "the day"'s about everyday. My husband is faithful to me as his friend and lover. He is a present and committed loving father making sacrifices everyday for his family. What more could I ask for!

I was greeted by these this morning though....what a guy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hardest Time of Day

We officially start school next week. We have been getting back into our morning routine and practicing piano the last two weeks. I have added in some Language Arts and a project this week to ease into school. My kids are doing great!
Me on the other hand am lacking in motivation. There is this one particular time of day that I loss focus and motivation. Do you have one of those? Mine is right after quiet time around 3:00 to about 4:30pm. I just don't want to do anything (notice I am blogging during that time). It is free time for the kids and a time for me to do any cleaning I didn't do or odds and ends. I find myself doing nothing and not wanting to do anything. I need to put some specific tasks in place for that time and I know that will help me. I do lay down and rest during QT...I can hardly stay awake because I am so tired (thank you Lord for this littlebaby !).
Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else has a slump time in their day and how you might have practically made some changes.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Teach Me to Number My days

Recently at church there was a message on Psalm 90. It is a very humbling Psalm to read because it definitely puts my life in perspective. This Psalm also gives me great hope. If you have been reading my blog for anytime you know we are pregnant with our 5th baby. God has blessed us and I am in my 10th week. You would also know that we have faced the loss of a son. I have struggled with fear pretty much sense I discovered I was pregnant. I didn't want to be afraid and because of my pride I didn't want others to know I was afraid. God knew my heart. We have faced much that has taught us that God is sovereign and good regardless of circumstances....also His word tells me these things are true, yet I still battled to keep my thoughts on that truth.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.
Return, O Lord! How Long?
Have pity on your servants!
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Psalm 90:12-14

God already has our days numbered, not one of us will live one day longer or be taken one day before He allows it. My days are numbered.....this life inside me has it's days numbered. My heart was flooded with peace. This baby will live it's ordained number of days be that till next week or to the ripe old age of 85. So I don't need to waste my thoughts and energy on what might happen. God carries that number close to His heart doing what is best for our little one. Those days are written in great detail. God knows this little person! I have no reason to fear. I have only to rejoice in the mercy and kindness of God and to be satisfied in what He has already done on my behalf and that of my baby.
I am so grateful that though I fall short to trust, He provides peace and grace in my time of need.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Potty Training

We are on our 4th or 5th attempt at potty training my just turned 4 year old. The road has been long and messy ;o). I think we have lift off this time. He is now in underwear all day except sleeping (where he stays dry 95% of the time anyway). Wetting has been a breeze....the other..well not so much.

Today my son let me in on a little secret. I called him to myself to remind him about going to the potty when he feels poo coming. I said when you feel pressure on your bum go to the potty and call me. He replied by saying "My bum doesn't feel pressure laughs when I have to poo. So when my bum laughs I will run to the potty and call you okay"

I almost fell off my chair howling. Hey whatever works!

Savages eh?

I came across this article in my online reading. It is about a mom who sees children as nothing but a pain and annoyance. Her article is actually laughable because she is so far over the edge. It stricks me as an attention thing cause it definitely will stir the pot. Does she really believe what she is saying completely.....I seriously doubt it if she's truly honest with herself. I would really hate to be her children! Her complaint is that in feeling this way she is deemed selfish. If the shoe fits wear it.
What I also thought as I read is... this reeks of discrimination. She is talking about people. If anyone talked about another group of people in our society with such disdain and disregard there would be outrage.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Our School Day

Stacy over at With Great Joy was asking about what the morning looks like in other homeschooling homes. So I decided to talk about that as well as the rest of our day. I think the number of kids you have helps determine the amount of structure needed in my opinion. I only have two (until March 2008) and Stacy has three that are quite young.
I try and get up before the kids by about 6:20am. Have coffee, quiet time and then try to walk daily. Lately with being very tired it happens less then normal. I have a tread mill for the winter. I try to shower and be good to go by 8-8:15am but doesn't always happen. If I cannot shower by 8 husband does family devos and then I have breakfast and I shower quickly after. The kids husband works from home so they aren't really alone. He is at his computer desk and can hear them. Like I said depending on age and number this may not work for everyone. My kids are 7 and just turned 4. They both tend to wake about the same time...7:30 ish. I won't wake them unless they aren't up by family devos.
I like to be done by the 8 ish time frame....that's my goal. If I make that then after family devos the kids get dressed and do chores. I have a chore chart this year that they each check off. I find that helpful. While they are getting dressed and tidy their room and bathroom I unload the dishwasher and try to fold one load of laundry. They help me but it away and we start school. I aim to start at 9 ish. I used to have definite time frames for everything but found I become military mom because of my result oriented ways. I find routine and structure better then a timed schedule. I sin less...just being honest. :o) So the following is the routine.

*My 7 year does piano while my 4 year old has a 20 minute play time alone in his room.

*My 7 year old does independent work like spelling, language review, and copywork in her room for 30 minutes while I have one on one time with my 4 year old.

*10:00 ish we do First Language lessons together...mostly oral

*Snack and break for 15-20 mins ...sometimes I read aloud or we just chat.
I might check email quickly

*Math with 7yr old....4 yr old plays alone.
I have activities only during school if he can't content himself

* History or Science all together...I make extra copies for my 4 year old to color. This isn't always smooth but is getting easier.

*12:45 ish is Lunch

* Reading aloud and story time
2:00 ish – Whole house QT - 7 yr old art time, reading time, any unfinished work
4 yr old plays, stories or nap

*3:30 ish - outside, free time

*4:30 – supper prep
5:30 –6 Dinner ( after dinner family reading time)

Fridays are project day and odds and ends. We often do our library trip as a family in the evenings once a week.

I tend to clean as I go alot of the time and for big things like floors I do them in QT. One night a week (usually Mondays) after dinner I will clean the kitchen instead of take time in the day. When I bath the kids I will often clean the bathroom then. This works partly because I have older kids. I also use a day of the week for each area of the house. If I have 30 minutes to clean I know on Tuesdays the focus is the bathrooms and Thursday is bedrooms. It serves me well. I also do one load of laundry a day after dinner and throw it in the dryer before bed then fold it in the morning. As a family of four I only do about 5-7 loads a week. I have enough clothes to get through one week.
The other time of day I might get a few chores done is their free time in the afternoon. I find they play beautifully after a full day of school. They need that time to be imaginative together. I also tend to do daily chores like Swiffer right after lunch and get the kids to help with a general tidy up.

This has been good for me to write out for myself. School starts on September 3rd here...I still have a few details to get together....better get moving :o)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Man

My little man turned 4 years old to day. The time has flown and I don't have a little baby anymore...I am having some issues with that :o).

Mr. Man is a special little guy....passionate about life and always ready to give some affection. He has added so much joy to our lives.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Goin' on a road trip

Friday morning we are off on a road trip to visit Melanie at Motherhood Apologia and her family. I can't wait. It's out first real road trip of the summer. It's only a few hours north but it still counts as a road trip:0) We are looking forward to the fellowship and hang time with them.

Hope you all have a great weekend....see you next week sometime.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Sovereignty Chronicles Chapter 3

We made our way home and waited. Finally the phone rang and confirmed what we already knew in our heart. Our little baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18.....all the statistics were poor for survival. We also found out in that phone call that we were having a boy. We named him Jonah which means "dove or peace" and his middle name is Ethan meaning "firm and constant". God was our firm and constant peace through all this. It was amazing how much this little frail boy would teach us about our great God.

Now that we knew what we were dealing with from a medical stand point there was a whole new world opened to us. One that we found overwhelming and disappointing. Even before we had a firm diagnosis of Jonah's condition it become very clear that the over all recommendation was to terminate my pregnancy. We even had believing family put on the pressure to end our babies life to "make it easier". The hospital offered us an abortion the first day we were there even without a definitive diagnosis. This baby was not a person to them. We were offered a support group and counselling if we decided to abort the baby. When we made it clear we were not going to end Jonah's life we were told to go home and have the baby in my local hospital. We were informed that we could not find a doctor anywhere who would do any life saving procedures on a baby with Jonah's condition. It was even suggested to us that if Jonah survived the birth that we should starve him as not to prolong his life. There is no law in Canada to protect babies like this....the doctors have no obligation what so ever. I cannot begin to tell you how the mama bear in me came out. It seemed unbelievable that if this little baby against all odds survived...... these professionally trained people would not help him because he did not meet the standard. Productivity and performance make you valuable in our culture.....not life itself. I was beyond shocked by this. Thus began the fight. So not only were we faced with the almost certain death of our child we were pushed aside because we chose to value his life over what most assumed was the easier road....termination.

Each day came and went. My hope was in God because there was hope no where else. We prayed God would intervene and save our baby. Each morning I waited to feel him move to know he was alive. We were told he could die at any time and most likely if he survived full term he would fail during labor. Each day he kicked I was blessed with one more day with my son. Each of those days was a treasure and gift. I clung to God daily wondering on a regular basis how I was going to carry this little boy 20 more weeks knowing the likely outcome.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding acknowledge the Lord in all of your ways and he will make your path straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

O, my strength come quickly to help me. Psalm 22:19

God is my refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Friday, August 03, 2007

Common Homeschool Mom.....Illness

SUPPLEMENTATION! Why? Oh! why do I buy curriculum and then buy 3 other things to supplement it. It's not even a need to cover it's more having many options if there is time and interest. Anyway as I am planning next year I am wishing I had bought an all inclusive science program and I am rethinking all the supplementation I bought for History. With History I have always wanted to integrate and not separate "secular" and biblical history. SOTW needs more but I love the story form and narration.....then Veritas Press is not my style with all the worksheets and constant flipping from one resource to the other. Though I love SOTW I feel I am always looking to supplement with more biblical history. I have bought my SOTW Vol. 2 so I have to make it work this year but may try MOH next year.

With science I am using a plan made by Jessica which means I am doing less work then I could be....thank you Jessica! I am tweaking it to work for us and there are many books involved. For a person who is not a textbook person......why am I suddenly feeling like they aren't such a bad idea. (They aren't bad just not my typical style :o)

I think I am trying to do too much. Simplify! Simplify! I may drop all the extra books for History except the Usbourne Internet-Link Medieval World and The History Lives Chronicles for extra reading when there is time. I want to read these myself so we may use them as our family reading a few nights a week. In science I think I will use one spine, library books and an experiment book. I was thinking of covering Geography along with our study of the Earth and Space this year....but maybe not. I am still working this one out.

Anyway there is a glimpse into the crazy world of the school planning of a supplementation junkie. Any recovering addict with input is welcome:o)