Monday, June 04, 2007

Second Grade

This past weekend was our local homeschool convention. I love going and cruising the books and curriculum. I would prefer to buy books over clothes and food :o). The number of curriculum choices is staggering. It really is about finding what works for your particular family and child. My biggest struggle this up coming year has been science. I pretty much have settled on what we are using but as always it could change.

Grade 2 Year

Language Arts
First Language Lessons - year 2
Spelling Workout - Book B&C
Daily Language Review grade 2
Writing Poetry by Evan Moore
Cursive (still not settled on what I am using)
Just Write (beginning writing program)

Jessica over at Trivium Academy created lesson plans for Earth Science and Space according to the WTM plus some. I love living books for science. Scroll down to "Lessons Plans" on her right sidebar. I was going to use Apologia Science but it felt too close to a textbook for me. I am not ready for that with my 7 year old yet. We might use Apologia next year. I love the exploration and wonder of God's creation in science. My dd is fascinated with this too and I want to be able to pursue interest in the area of science. We will use Jessica's lesson plans as they suite us. So grateful for all her hard work and generosity to share them.

We will be using Story of the World Vol. 2 The Middles Ages. We will be reading the History Lives Chronicles along with it. I am also using The 100 Most Important Events in Church History and may throw in the Veritas Press Cards. Very much looking forward to this year of history. My daughter and I both love to curl up with SOTW with a cup of tea to read and color. My 3 year old is sleeping of course ;o).These will be fond memories for years to come.
I will also be doing some Canadian Studies over the summer.

Singapore 2A and 2B (already into this)
Horizons 2 as supplement.

Music For Young Children/ Piano (level 2)

I feel like I am forgetting something. I bought some really great books to read together and individually this year. Will share those later.


Heather_in_WI said...

How fun!

Your second grade looks great! :-)


Hes said...

Woah Nellie! Looks like a full year! Poor girl :-)
After Tuesday's meeting I'm definitely incorporating lapbooks into my curriculum (unit study on Matter and Structures).
Fun, fun, fun!

Mrs. "M" said...

Your hilarious Hes! You do realize she isn't doing all the Language Arts everyday.....right? Ia, planning on doing the poetry writing with a history or science topic she loves. The Just Write will be used two Fridays a month. Maybe my next post on homeschooling will be my schedule :o)

Tracy said...

Just read how much you love buying books and I had to comment because we just had our home school convention too and I get almost as excited about it as I do Christmas! I had the pleasure of my husband (who teaches English/Literature in a public school) joining me this year. He helped me make decisions that would have taken me the entire conference to make, in a few minutes! Mine are 5th and 7th, so I love his help picking great books for them to be reading. We got some good ones this year, and use Sonlight for History which is a bookcase full in itself! Looks like you have some good stuff too!

Tracy said...

Hey, I just realized you are using Spelling husband picked that for us this year at the conference, (level F) Have you used it before, and do you like it? I haven't been happy with any I have used yet.

Mrs. "M" said...

Hi Tracy,

I started using Spelling Workout (SWO)this year with Book A. We are over half way through book B. I have really enjoyed it and so has my daughter. What I like about it is the reading at the beginning of the lessons and the use of the words. Then the tip that points out the phonics rule it is addressing. I also like how they start teaching proofreading skills from the very beginning. My daughter loves the different activites provided to use the words. There are teacher's manuals but I haven't used them yet...I might in the higher books. Are you using the TM for book F?
Several people I know do not like SWO. It seems that natural spellers do well with it but not the best for struggling spellers. We have loved it and have done well with it but my daughter was a early reader and spelling seems easy for her. Not sure if that helps....and we have never tried anything else.