Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Projects and Fun Stuff 2006/07

For my fellow Americans who get zero funding for homeschooling......forgive me now :o) In Canada where I live (as a landed immigrant) we receive finances if we are willing to meet some learning outcomes. In the elementary grades it's pretty easy. I think it gets trickier in the higher grades. I educate how I choose and I work with a wonderful teacher (Hi Amber!) who picks out all the outcomes from what I send her in portfolios and emails. This post is pictures of the art projects or field trips we have taken over the last few months. This post is really apart of my portfolio but hope you enjoy seeing what the kids have done this year.

Just a cute picture riding a snail. This is at a local Island market that has goats living on their roof.

Looking through tide pools and found two starfish. One purple and the other orange.


Another watercolor

Bird watching at Grandpa's house. They live on a marsh and there is a duck trying to hatch eggs.
Bug is singing her heart out (far right with hands up to her neck) during the musical Enchanted Journey. Our homeschool group recently did this with over 40 kids.

We have been studying Rome. We made a Roman weapon called a fasces.

Shell hunting at the beach.

Sink or float experiment.

Counting by 3's, 6's and 9's on a number chart.

We were studying Greece and their stone sculptors. We made our own stone carving out of a bar of soap.

Bug's certificate for completing her homeschool P.E. class this spring.

Homeschool P.E. Class

Early rehearsals for the musical.

Baking over 100 cookies!

A paper doll puppet Bug made.


Melanie said...

Looks like you've had a great year!!! Thanks for the reminder of how blessed we are to get the funding we do - I can't imagine going without, though that will probably happen in the future as outcomes get harder to meet without compromising.

Cherry said...

Great job - Sandi and most of all Journey!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you guys accomplished a lot this year!

Kim said...

It looks like you have a really neat homeschool group! How wonderful! Your children look so sweet!


Tracy said...

That is so awesome that you get funding! NY state is tough, but I am thankful that we have the freedom to teach them at home. Your kids are cuties and looks like you had a fun year!

Heather_in_WI said...

Very cool pictures!!! Your kids are so cute! :-)

I loved the Spurgeon post, too.