Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Sovereignty Chronicles - Chapter 1

The day started like any other. The sun came up, my husband kissed me goodbye and I was greeted by my very sweet 2 year old princess....... smiling ear to ear. As I drank my coffee that morning, I had no clue what was going to turn my world upside down before the sun went down that day.

My friend Jen came to care for our two year old as we set off for Madronna Imaging for our routine 19 week scan. It was the middle of the day February 14th, 2002. I remember the time of day so clearly. I perused magazines while chatting with my husband. They were running late. Finally, a short thin women came to the door and called my name. "We will call you near the end" the women said to my husband. The anticipation of seeing our second child was building with each step toward the room. So many things were swirling in my head. Will we be able to find out if it is a boy or girl? Will the baby have red hair like our daughter? Will he/she look like my family this time or another spitting image of my husband's side?

The ultrasound got underway. I am chatting like a nut case because of all the excitement and anticipation. The tech was very quiet....nothing abnormal. They aren't supposed to tell you anything anyway. After awhile she excuses herself. Seemed a little weird but who knows maybe she had to go to the ladies room.

She returned but not alone. In the time it took her to say "This is Dr. Johnston" my heartbeat went from normal to pulsating in my brain. I knew seeing Dr. Johnston was not a good thing. He opened his mouth and I instinctively knew I did not want to hear his words. I felt pinned down against my will as each word flew from his lips. I interrupted him not computing much so far and asked for them to get my husband. Once my husband arrived the word assault continued. They told us the fetal anatomy was grossly abnormal. There was a mass outside the baby's tummy. The chest wasn't formed correctly, the heart did not appear normal......he then said that in his opinion, this baby would most likely not be viable at delivery. I couldn't breathe. Did he just tell me my baby was going to die? I saw the baby move....I saw the heart beat...I felt this baby everyday.....was this man mad? They left us alone. I couldn't cry. I couldn't speak and I still couldn't breathe. My first clear thought was Oh God help me!

(We are going away this weekend to Celebration 2007....so probably won't post Chapter 2 till next week some time)

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Sovereignty Chronicles - Intro

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know our second child and first born son Jonah Ethan is with the Lord. It has been over 5 years since Jonah went to be with the Lord and the Lord began to open our eyes to His sovereign goodness. We began a path that would forever change who we were and how we saw God.
I enjoy writing but this story was not ready to tell until now. Over the next few weeks I hope to tell the story of God's perfect sovereign will for our lives. To tell of His glory and goodness to our family....and of the great mercy and grace we have tasted through what He has allowed.....hence The Sovereignty Chronicles.

Sovereign One

When I’m all alone and afraid
I will trust in You
For You watch over my ways
When things in my life don’t make sense
I will trust in You
For You are good, You are good

Sovereign One
You work all things to Your plan
Sovereign One
You hold all things in Your hands

When I don’t get to have my own way
I will trust in You
For You know what is best
When tears begin to roll down my face
I will trust in You
For You are good, You are good
Perfect in power, You control all things
Perfect in wisdom, You know everything
Perfect in goodness
Jesus, You’re so good to me
So good to me

Zach Jones
© 2004 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP).

You can hear a sample of this song and purchase the MP3 here.

Preschoolers and Peace.....

Kendra over at Preschoolers and Peace posted her thoughts and practical ways she has worked at change. I so appreciate anything that encourages and convicts me to care for and parent my children in a more godly way. I also appreciate when moms get very honest about their struggles and their need for a savior. I think at times we as moms hide our struggles with parenting for fear of being seen as a failure. One of the best pieces of advice a dear friend gave me was that every time I sin it is an opportunity to preach the gospel to my kids and demonstrate the need for a savior. Though I would rather not sin .....once again I see how (even my sin) it is not about me but HIM.

I hope you find encouragement!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweet Mercies

His mercy has met me again.........amazing! A grace that never runs out or waivers for a moment.
There is no hesitation in His care. I am greeted with peace, kindness, forgiveness, patience
and most of all freedom from my sin.......every morning. Can this really be true? The wrath I deserve is dealt to another, the sin and selfishness of my life is taken on someone elses body.
Look at all I have been given! I earned none of it, deserve nothing yet....have all I need to be seen as righteous and whole by the King. Amazing grace. Amazing gospel. Amazing savior!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I very much enjoy reading but I am quite picky about what I read. I tend to steer clear of fiction. I mostly enjoy non-fiction......biographies, theology and teaching books. I have tried historical fiction a few times and never got into it until now. I discovered a new author to me. I just read Coronation of Glory...The Story of Lady Jane Grey by Deborah Meroff. I could not put this book down. I felt like the main character was a real person (she was in history) and I could have passed her on the street in the 1500's. I loved the building of the characters and their relationships intertwined with the true events of the time.
I discovered the book here. Inheritance Publications has a booth set up out our local homeschool convention. They carry a series of reformed historical fiction for children too. I am looking forward to buying many more books from them and diving more into historical fiction. The next author I want to read is Deborah Alcock.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Projects and Fun Stuff 2006/07

For my fellow Americans who get zero funding for homeschooling......forgive me now :o) In Canada where I live (as a landed immigrant) we receive finances if we are willing to meet some learning outcomes. In the elementary grades it's pretty easy. I think it gets trickier in the higher grades. I educate how I choose and I work with a wonderful teacher (Hi Amber!) who picks out all the outcomes from what I send her in portfolios and emails. This post is pictures of the art projects or field trips we have taken over the last few months. This post is really apart of my portfolio but hope you enjoy seeing what the kids have done this year.

Just a cute picture riding a snail. This is at a local Island market that has goats living on their roof.

Looking through tide pools and found two starfish. One purple and the other orange.


Another watercolor

Bird watching at Grandpa's house. They live on a marsh and there is a duck trying to hatch eggs.
Bug is singing her heart out (far right with hands up to her neck) during the musical Enchanted Journey. Our homeschool group recently did this with over 40 kids.

We have been studying Rome. We made a Roman weapon called a fasces.

Shell hunting at the beach.

Sink or float experiment.

Counting by 3's, 6's and 9's on a number chart.

We were studying Greece and their stone sculptors. We made our own stone carving out of a bar of soap.

Bug's certificate for completing her homeschool P.E. class this spring.

Homeschool P.E. Class

Early rehearsals for the musical.

Baking over 100 cookies!

A paper doll puppet Bug made.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Words and the Holy Spirit

I love words. I love language. I love trying to find the right words to communicate the right idea or thought picture. The dictionary is one of my most favorite books simply because it categorizes the words I use to think, to dream, to write and to communicate with others. The Word of God was given in written language.

This morning as I read words I have read thousands of times in my life........ put together in a sentence with passion ....coupled with the Holy Spirit........ this truth came alive again to me. How does He do that!

I was reading Spurgeon and again today the gospel was preached to my soul. Oh.... how I need it everyday.

"Beloved, no sin of a believer can now be an arrow mortally to wound him, no condemnation can now be a sword to kill him, for the punishment of our sin was borne by Christ, a full atonement was made for all our iniquities by our blessed Substitute and Surety. Who now accuseth? Who now condemneth? Christ hath died, yea rather, hath risen again. Jesus has emptied the quivers of hell, has quenched every fiery dart, and broken off the head of every arrow of wrath; the ground is strewn with the splinters and relics of the weapons of hell’s warfare, which are only visible to us to remind us of our former danger, and of our great deliverance. Sin hath no more dominion over us. Jesus has made an end of it, and put it away for ever."

Go here to read the entire entry.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Second Grade

This past weekend was our local homeschool convention. I love going and cruising the books and curriculum. I would prefer to buy books over clothes and food :o). The number of curriculum choices is staggering. It really is about finding what works for your particular family and child. My biggest struggle this up coming year has been science. I pretty much have settled on what we are using but as always it could change.

Grade 2 Year

Language Arts
First Language Lessons - year 2
Spelling Workout - Book B&C
Daily Language Review grade 2
Writing Poetry by Evan Moore
Cursive (still not settled on what I am using)
Just Write (beginning writing program)

Jessica over at Trivium Academy created lesson plans for Earth Science and Space according to the WTM plus some. I love living books for science. Scroll down to "Lessons Plans" on her right sidebar. I was going to use Apologia Science but it felt too close to a textbook for me. I am not ready for that with my 7 year old yet. We might use Apologia next year. I love the exploration and wonder of God's creation in science. My dd is fascinated with this too and I want to be able to pursue interest in the area of science. We will use Jessica's lesson plans as they suite us. So grateful for all her hard work and generosity to share them.

We will be using Story of the World Vol. 2 The Middles Ages. We will be reading the History Lives Chronicles along with it. I am also using The 100 Most Important Events in Church History and may throw in the Veritas Press Cards. Very much looking forward to this year of history. My daughter and I both love to curl up with SOTW with a cup of tea to read and color. My 3 year old is sleeping of course ;o).These will be fond memories for years to come.
I will also be doing some Canadian Studies over the summer.

Singapore 2A and 2B (already into this)
Horizons 2 as supplement.

Music For Young Children/ Piano (level 2)

I feel like I am forgetting something. I bought some really great books to read together and individually this year. Will share those later.