Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We have have just come through a whirl-wind! Many times this means things aren't as we would like. This season is different then anything we have seen before. The last 5 or 6 years have been one trial after another......financially, loss of a child and parent, infertility, church struggles and a few others. God has shown himself the comforter and kind father as well as the powerful sovereign king. Who I am is vastly different from five years ago. God has been good to me in all he has allowed.

The whirl-wind has been one of prosperity for us. We are not used to this on a practical level. We have a new home that is beautiful, spacious and located in a great place. My husband just landed a job working from home that uses his training after 5 long years of wanting this. It all came to us with little or no effort of our own.
We are rich..... not in money but in gratefulness. Our prosperity isn't related to the things though I am loving's related to walking out with a loving sovereign father the cares of this life. He CAN be trusted and relied upon. He is FAITHFUL and committed. He will PROVIDE in his time and as he sees fit.

The house will go and maybe even the job...we may never have another baby but HE will never leave us nor forsake us!

I am grateful for this season...for the things that will pass away and those that won't.


Anonymous said...

Very wise.

Melanie said...

AMEN! It's all about perspective isn't it? Circumstances, seasons of want and seasons of plenty are always changing, but God is unchanging and is as faithful as the rising and setting sun. I'm glad your back blogging and keeping a right persepective; I think it's harder to trust God when we come into seasons of plenty.