Saturday, May 19, 2007

Home Education

My friend over at Motherhood Apologia has been posting about her home school journey. It has made me think about how we came to the place of homeschooling our children with such conviction. My story is a bit different from Melanie's.

I attended public school my whole life. Did quite well because I was good at jumping through hoops and memorization. My high school years were up and down. Toward the end of high school I became a believer. I meet some new friends at the church I was apart of and they basically adopted me. My friend Sunny is the person who had the most impact on my decision to home school. I was single when I lived with my friend and her family. I watched her parent and teach her kids. I watched her with her husband Dan and all her responsibilities as a stay at home mom. I watched her struggle through some hard times with grace and peace. I watched her kids over the years grow and flourish being educated in their home. I saw Jesus as the center of their lives and education. I even got the privilege of watching their 4th child be born. I was in owe of how she even handled that seemingly with ease. It sounds like I am putting Sunny on a pedestal...though I hope she is encouraged all her efforts pointed me to the savior. I had to learn what a godly wife looked like, mother, teacher, friend and servant. Sunny is one of those people that made me hungry to mother, to educate my kids at home and to serve my family with abandon. She isn't perfect but she was happy and full of joy. I never heard her complain.

Over all I feared having children because of how I was raised. I feared homeschooling because I never went to college and faked my way through high school. I feared commitment to marriage because my parents divorced. And God in his love and care for me...brought Sunny and Dan into my life along with a few other families that had such an impact on my life.
As I grew in the heart knew if I had children I would keep them at home. I know there is a husband involved and his leading. When I met my husband and he made it clear he was interested I said these three things.

1. If you know now you could never marry me I am not interested. I am not saying you have too but I don't play games.

2. If you know you will not home school if we are blessed with kids then maybe we aren't the best choice for each other.

3. If you don't have a passion for missions and ministry and don't see yourself there long term this may not be right. (We were both in YWAM at the time)

I know these sound like ultimatums. And in a sense I guess they were. I wasn't going down a live long commitment with someone who wasn't on the same page. I was very up front and wasn't trying to change him. I was simply making sure we were compatible. I would rather stay single then marry someone who was headed in another direction.

So to home school was never in question. I decided to do it because of what I saw in the lives of people who loved their family, God and me. God in his mercy blessed me with a husband who felt the same way.

This developed more once it actually became a reality. I started research when my oldest was about 2. And the more practical why's and how's began to develop. That is another post.

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Great post! I love that you said that to your husband up front.

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