Friday, May 11, 2007

Ever Visiting Companion

Over at Girltalk there is a post about grief on Mother's Day. I am grateful to see them addressing this with such love and consideration. I have two awesome children running around my house (well one is swimming in the bathtub right now...not alone :o). I rejoice on Mother's Day for the gifts I have been given. The day is also mixed with memories and thoughts of those two children who aren't running around my house. What do they look like? Are they children in heaven or grown up? they know each other? they have reddish hair like my other two? Does God call them by the names we gave them; Jonah Ethan and Sarah Grace....or something else?

My grief has become less all consuming as the years roll away. Grief has moved from an overwhelming emotion to a comfortable connection with the children I miss....... the one child I never met and an almost pleasant bond with my baby son who died in my arms. Grief has gone from being an unwelcome guest to an ever visiting companion. This is the mercy and kindness of God.

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