Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Been thinkin'

My one year blogger post got me to thinking about why I started blogging. This post is the main reason I wanted to blog. To talk about doctrine, theology and how that is so important for those of us at home with our children. The children that will grow up to be church leaders, community leaders and mostly glorifiers of God. In my experience I have seen a trend in women to avoid doctrine for various reasons. The one I have heard the most is "I'm not a reader". In my mind reading is a discipline just like anything else but I do realize a book loving history buff is writing that statement.....easier said then done.

As I have spent this year blogging...I have found a community of women on-line who puts my doctrine reading and studying to shame. Biblical truth seems to be the top priority on each blog I visit on a regular basis. I have been so encouraged by this and grateful to find a connection.

I have also felt that for the most part my posts tend to be "fluffy". This annoyed me slightly (still does). I think all the time...I often have much running through my mind but lack time to organize it and write it. Why? Because I am at home all day schooling my kids and serving my family. When I do have time I want to read truth and then lack the time to talk about it. I know these are the same reasons many women don't study doctrine....when do you have time especially with little ones?

I am brainstorming some ways to get more organized about my thoughts. It serves me in many ways to have to articulate what I am learning and growing I want to make this work. I was wondering how you ladies go about finding the time not just to post but to collect your thoughts and organize them.


Anonymous said...

One thing that helps me is to write down my idea for a post as soon as possible before I forget it. Then I work on it in my mind during the day: during a shower, as I'm falling asleep, washing dishes, etc. I keep a pen and paper handy for jotting notes.

Sometimes it helps to just sit down during a quiet moment and start writing, just go with whatever comes out. For me, what comes out is usually having to do with a sermon I heard, a book I'm reading, or my quiet time that morning.

Melanie said...

I like how you described how our doctine applies to every day life in the trenches in your Domesticity and Doctrine post. That was certainly not fluffy. I also appreciate the evident joy you have in caring for your family that is commucicated in your posts. May not be doctrinal dissertations but your posts display the fruit of your thinking. For these reasons I'd visit your blog even if I didn't know you personally!
Though I am not a veteran blogger like you, I'll add my two bits about posting. I tend to think in themes for days and weeks on end, so I find it easier if I post one or two points of what I'm thinking in a single post and then continue a series of posts on that topic. This way posting doesn't take too much time and I can eventually articulate all my thoughts point by point.

Mrs. "M" said...

Great ideas! I should keep a pad ready and available.

And Melanie...thanks for your encouraging words. It is nice to have things people see reflected back to you.
I like the theme idea. I can stretch a idea over several posts. It never occured to me that I don't have to cover the whole idea at once.

Heather said...

That's so weird that you feel your posts are fluffy! I don't think they are at all. I love your posts and often am edified by reading them. :-)