Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Small Groups?

We have had the flu. The first thing to go when it gets crazy is the blogging. I have missed it.

The last three week my church has been going through a series on "Why Small Groups"? It is the best stuff I have ever heard on why we have our care groups and how to function in them. Our church is adding several new care groups which means much change. We are looking again at why these groups are so important to our life as a community. Biblical Fellowship is defined and then we were given the application to walk it out in our own lives and care group.

This past Sunday was part 3 "Growth and Fellowship". The outline alone is worth the read if you don't have time to listen! Here's a little taste:

"Our transformation is worked out within the family of God. This is not necessarily the simpler way: being involved with other people can be inefficient, complicated, and time consuming. So many things can go wrong in relationships. But that is why community is such a big part of God's plan to transform us into the image of Christ....As isolated individuals, we cannot reach the level of maturity that God designed for us. This fullness happens as we live in a loving, redemptive community with one another, as we struggle together, and as we grow together. " Paul Tripp

"Biblical Fellowship is a participation and sharing in something on the deepest human level of relationship: our experience and current relationship with God himself".

We are not a perfect church. I am beyond grateful to be apart of this church that is pursuing growth and truth in this way. We as a family have been so blessed. We have received teaching, training, correction and support that has changed our lives. One more reason to be grateful for the cross and all that Jesus sacrificed for my sake and yours!

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