Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Joyful, Intelligent Submission

The message this Sunday at church was entitled "The Christ Exalting Beauty of a Wife's Submission" based on I Peter 3:1-3. It is the best message I have heard on submission. You can find the entire audio and outline here. I so appreciated the balance in communication without compromising what scripture clearly teaches. As I grow more and more in this....I experience more and more freedom in my marriage. The list below is a small excerpt from the message.

What Submission Is & Is Not

It’s a Christ-like response to recognized leadership as unto the Lord Himself

Biblical submission is about heart attitude & action

It means to “Willingly submit” & carries the idea of “willing to obey”

Submission is not a wife’s role, but a Godly response to her husband’s role

Its focus should be to enable or empower her husband

It’s not being a “doormat” but rather joyful, intelligent submission

It may mean bringing a hard observation, question, or confronting him with God’s Word

It might mean initiating conversation or a new idea but in a way that is not contentious or usurping

It’s not nagging, manipulating, criticizing, contending with or trying to usurp his authority

It’s making respectful appeals or observations, raising questions

It ultimately rests in that the husband is responsible for final decisions

It’s seeking to encourage & influence her husband’s leadership

It never means doing anything immoral, illegal, or against God’s Word

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Alanne said...

Sandi, I am thrilled for you. Sounds like a bummer weekend though having your ceiling crack and leak while you are having such an blessed break! Keep me posted on how things go with the conceiving. You are so right about God's timing. I'm sure He wouldn't have wanted you pregnant around mold. He's the best. Lots of love!