Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Doctrine of Election and Children

Once again my friend over at LuxVenit has posted her thoughts on The Doctrine of Election. It is well worth the read. I just wish I could write down what I think like she does!

The post freshly reminded me that even my good days are chalked full of sin. I deserve nothing but death! Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ that I don't recieve what I deserve. It also freshly reminded me that God works all to the good. He is in complete control of the salvation of my children and motivated by grace I want to sow into them as I am called and rest in the peace that He will draw them.
This brings to mind a song written by a friend and pastor at our church.

Jesus, Thank You

The Mystery of the cross
I cannot comprehend
The agonies of Calvary
You the perfect Holy One
Crushed Your Son
Drank the bitter cup
Reserved for me

Your blood has washed away my sin
Jesus, thank You
The Father's wrath
Completely satisfied
Jesus, thank You
Once Your enemy
Now seated at Your table
Jesus, thank You

By your perfect sacrifice
I've been brought near
Your enemy You've made your friend
Pouring out the riches of
Your glorious grace
Your mercy and Your kindness
Know no end

Lover of my soul
I want to live for You

Pat Sczebel

You can listen to a sample of the song here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

History for Grade 2

I have been looking at the History Lives Chronicles to combine with SOTW 2 next year. I am also ordering "The 100 Most Important Events in Church History". I love SOTW but my one beef with it is the lack of (enough) biblical and church history. Here is a post about these books and a schedule to use them together created by Jessica.

I think I am more excited to learn church history then my daughter!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Splendid Sins

And as for your good works, where are they? Where are they? Ah! It is a figment and a fiction, a laugh and a dream. Good works in sinners? There are no such things. Augustine well said, "Good works, as they are called, in sinners are nothing but splendid sins."This is true of the best works of the best man, who is out of Christ. They are nothing but splendid sins, varnished sins. God forgive you, dear friends, for your good works! You have as great need to be forgiven for your good works as you have for your bad ones, if you are out of Christ; for I reckon they are both alike, bad, if they come to be sifted.


Over at LuxVenit..... she has been doing a series of post on good works. How I need to be reminded and drawn to see it's HIS WORK in me and for me.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hearing God's Voice

I read this John Piper article. Then read this post at Lux Venit.

I fully believe the gifts of the spirit are for today. I believe God speaks to his people. I also believe that his word is overlooked on a regular basis as His voice and word to us. I know there was a time in my life where I spent very little time in the Bible but lots of time searching for some voice or "special revelation". God in his kindness has brought me a long way. I need to spend my time reading what he has already revealed and apply that!

The article and the post at Lux Venit are well worth the read. Her honesty is refreshing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Joyful, Intelligent Submission

The message this Sunday at church was entitled "The Christ Exalting Beauty of a Wife's Submission" based on I Peter 3:1-3. It is the best message I have heard on submission. You can find the entire audio and outline here. I so appreciated the balance in communication without compromising what scripture clearly teaches. As I grow more and more in this....I experience more and more freedom in my marriage. The list below is a small excerpt from the message.

What Submission Is & Is Not

It’s a Christ-like response to recognized leadership as unto the Lord Himself

Biblical submission is about heart attitude & action

It means to “Willingly submit” & carries the idea of “willing to obey”

Submission is not a wife’s role, but a Godly response to her husband’s role

Its focus should be to enable or empower her husband

It’s not being a “doormat” but rather joyful, intelligent submission

It may mean bringing a hard observation, question, or confronting him with God’s Word

It might mean initiating conversation or a new idea but in a way that is not contentious or usurping

It’s not nagging, manipulating, criticizing, contending with or trying to usurp his authority

It’s making respectful appeals or observations, raising questions

It ultimately rests in that the husband is responsible for final decisions

It’s seeking to encourage & influence her husband’s leadership

It never means doing anything immoral, illegal, or against God’s Word

Monday, March 19, 2007


We have a house! I am still in shock at how easy and smooth it all went. We didn't have to do anything but go visit the house...offer a lower price and it was ours. A friend knew of our current house troubles and said that she received a call from a friend who was going to rent her home and buy another. I asked God to make this an easy and smooth transition. I felt I couldn't handle looking for a place in the market right now. We just did that a few months ago! Where I live...the most expensive place in Canada... it is hard to find good housing for a reasonable price right now. God provided and more. I am so grateful that he heard my cry and saw fit to give me my hearts desire. It is three bedrooms (big rooms). It has two bathrooms. This is the first time we have ever had two bathrooms. A walk in closet in the master bedroom. It also has a great room that includes the kitchen, dining area and living room. I love that! It is so easy to entertain and host with a room like that. It is easier to keep an eye on my kids while I do other things. It also has a dishwasher. The yard is great and the location is very central. It is not rural but I am fine with that. We have a huge play and water park within walking distance. Next time we go by I will take a picture to post.

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for this. We have had a season of life for the past several years where very little has come with ease. I am so aware of God's mercy and kindness. I am also grateful for this house because of the space. We would like more children but have been struggling with infertility due to PCOS for 2 years. We are getting help to conceive this coming week. It is God's kindness that we will have more space and no stress in moving. God's timing has been perfect as it always has been. I know this does not mean we will have our desired outcome....but I do know we will have the outcome that is the best for us and most glorifying to God because he is good and completely in control! I want to glorify God in ease or trial.

Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How Timely is This!

I came across this quote over at GirlTalk this morning.

“I will help you, says the Lord.” Isaiah 41:14
“This morning listen to the voice of the Lord Jesus speak, ‘I will help you. It is a small thing for me, your God, to help you. Consider what I have already done. What! Not help you! I bought you with My blood. What! Not help you! I died for you. Since I have done the greater, will I not do less? Your requests are nothing compared with what I am willing to give. You need much, but it is nothing for me to grant your needs. Help you? Fear not! I will help you.'"

Charles Spurgeon

I'm Still Alive.... :o)

Where have I been? Let me list the places! I went shopping with birthday money and bought some cool stuff for our house...getting great deals (very important to me). I will post that eventually.....we made a Moses book during history....will get to that at some point too.

Last weekend I had my traditional retreat weekend. My very sweet husband takes the kids to his parents for the weekend two hours away.... to give me a weekend alone. We do this about twice a year. Partly for school planning and a reading weekend for me. My dh is the best!

Sooooo.....guess what happened when my dh was gone....the ceiling in our cute little farm house started leaking. I had to move everything out of our office/school room so it would not get damaged. The ceiling literally cracked and started leaking within minutes. I was sitting in the living room and heard a popping sound. It was quiet...remember I was reading alone. I thought what was that??? We have faced some mold issues in the last few weeks and a small leak in the loft/attic that our landlord didn't seem to think was worth bothering we are moving! AHHHH! Didn't we just do this less then four months ago. The kids have been sniffling and coughing randomly since we lived here...I am suspicious it is mold related.

There are a few other things going on related to health and babies. The timing seems off to me......but trusting God's sovereign hand in all areas of my life.

So prayer would be appreciated. I am not sure my blogging with be regular or consistent but I will give updates as they come. What an opportunity to trust, and hopefully bring glory to God in an uncomfortable place.....I need all his grace and mercy to even think that is possible!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Value of Women

This is a taste of an article over at about The Extraordinary Value of Women. It's a great read.

"MacArthur concludes (read this carefully for it is of utmost importance!) that "Wherever the gospel has spread, the social, legal and spiritual status of women has, as a rule, been elevated. When the gospel has been eclipsed (whether by repression, false religion, secularism, humanistic philosophy, or spiritual decay within the church), the status of women has declined accordingly." Secular efforts to increase the status of women have largely failed, as we have seen with the feminist movement of the twentieth century. This movement sought to elevate the status of women, but did so at the cost of their femininity, seeking to rob women of what makes them so distinctive. The whole message of the feminist agenda is that there is nothing all that extraordinary about women, for they are just like men. The Bible, though, tells a different story. MacArthur states that "[W]henever the Bible expressly talks about the marks of an excellent women, the stress is always on feminine virtue. The most significant women in Scripture were influential not because of their careers, but because of their character. The message these women collectively give is not about "gender equality"; it is about true feminine excellence. And this is always exemplified in moral and spiritual qualities rather than by social standing, wealth or physical appearance."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Treated like a Queen!

I believe I have the best husband in the world. My birthday was this past Saturday and he made it the best day ever. First he surprised me with a little get together on Friday night. I really had no clue until right before it was happening. He has grown increasingly better over the years of hiding things like that. He says I am the worst to be able to surprise! Then Saturday morning he and the kids made breakfast. Then I received my gifts. He spoils me......and is way too good to me! I received music I liked, a book called "The Valley of Vision" and a few other things. I was so blessed and content. Then he brings out the whopper. A 90 minute full body relaxation massage!......scheduled for that afternoon. Prior to the massage appointment were plans to go home decor shopping with one of my dearest friends. So hows that for a great birthday. I could barely drive home after the was so relaxing!

I am so grateful for my husband. He is a gift and means of grace in my life.

I will post pictures of the new decor for my house soon. I got some great deals....amd I love a deal!

Friday, March 02, 2007

When Words Are Wind

I have recently start a devotional by John Piper called "The Godward Life". I have been reading Spurgeon for awhile and wanted to go modern LOL! I am very much enjoying Piper's book. It is so applicable to life. This mornings entry was especially encouraging to me. When my son Jonah died I was the desperate one. We did have our sore reproved though God used it for our good and his glory....I long for God to use what we went through to care for others with love and wisdom.

Do you think that you can reprove words, when speech of a despairing man is wind? Job 6:26 (RSV)

Are you going to condemn me just because I impulsively cried out in desperation? Job 6:26 (LB)

"When in grief and pain and despair, people often say things they would not otherwise say. They paint reality with darker strokes then they will paint tomorrow, when the sun comes up. They sing in minor keys and talk as though that were the only music. They see only clouds and speak as if there were no sky.".......

"How quickly we are given to defending God- or sometimes the truth - from words that are for the wind alone. There are enough words, premeditated and studied, that need our rebuttal, but not every despairing heresy blurted out in the hour of agony needs to be answered. If we had discernment, we could tell the difference between the words with roots and the words blowing in the wind.
There are words rooted in deep error and deep evil. But not all gray words get their color from a black heart. Some are colored mainly by the pain, the despair. What you hear is not the deepest thing within. There is something real within, where words come from, but it is temporary - like a passing infection - real, painful, but not the true person.
"Let us learn to discern whether the words spoken against us or God or against the truth are merely for the wind-spoken not from the soul, but from the sore. If they are for the wind, let us wait in silence and not reprove.

Restoring the soul, not reproving the sore, is the aim of our love." John Piper

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Small Groups?

We have had the flu. The first thing to go when it gets crazy is the blogging. I have missed it.

The last three week my church has been going through a series on "Why Small Groups"? It is the best stuff I have ever heard on why we have our care groups and how to function in them. Our church is adding several new care groups which means much change. We are looking again at why these groups are so important to our life as a community. Biblical Fellowship is defined and then we were given the application to walk it out in our own lives and care group.

This past Sunday was part 3 "Growth and Fellowship". The outline alone is worth the read if you don't have time to listen! Here's a little taste:

"Our transformation is worked out within the family of God. This is not necessarily the simpler way: being involved with other people can be inefficient, complicated, and time consuming. So many things can go wrong in relationships. But that is why community is such a big part of God's plan to transform us into the image of Christ....As isolated individuals, we cannot reach the level of maturity that God designed for us. This fullness happens as we live in a loving, redemptive community with one another, as we struggle together, and as we grow together. " Paul Tripp

"Biblical Fellowship is a participation and sharing in something on the deepest human level of relationship: our experience and current relationship with God himself".

We are not a perfect church. I am beyond grateful to be apart of this church that is pursuing growth and truth in this way. We as a family have been so blessed. We have received teaching, training, correction and support that has changed our lives. One more reason to be grateful for the cross and all that Jesus sacrificed for my sake and yours!