Friday, February 02, 2007

Science for Next Year

I think I have finally settled on my science choice for our grade 2 year. With the classical approach science tends to be left somewhat in the shadows. My 6 year old lives for science, nature and general discovery of anything living or earthy. So we are going to use Apologia Astronomy and A Child's Geography. A Child's Geography is actually more earth science then traditional geography (from what I can gather on line). My daughter wants to study volcanoes and the center of the earth etc. Both of these are Christ centered and young earth which are my preference.
What I also like about both is the notebook approach to learning. There is nothing wrong with a textbooks or worksheets, they are tools like anything else. It just is not our style of learning. My daughter looks forward to making a page to represent what she has learned. She then owns that knowledge unlike with a worksheet. We flip through her notebooks and she remembers and recounts what she did with satisfaction and pride. I love it!

The problem is trying to do both history and science at this level. It seems for most one or the other takes the backseat. I want to do both. I do find we focus more intently on one or the other in rotation As she gets older it will get easier. She is very motivated in science and history making my job so easy.


Anonymous said...

We used Apologia Astronomy this year for science. I agree that when it comes to making notebooks one subject takes a backseat to the other. We are much better about our History notebooks than we are our science ones.

Under the Sky said...

I will be curious to hear how you like these resources. I have not heard much about them at all and I look forward to your "review!" :+)

We try to rotate science and history throughout the week in a flexible way. When we are reading through an historical fiction book we will spend more days in a row on history, but when we are reading the spine or other such book, I do *try* to do history a few day and science a few days in rotation. It works when I am good and scheduled. :+)