Friday, February 16, 2007

Practical Peace

I have been thinking lately about the atmosphere of my home. Many of the books I have read and especially scripture make clear the influence we have in our homes...mostly with our attitudes.

"Our attitude as home managers often determines the atmosphere and tone of the home. Therefore, we should set about our work with joy. We must seek to create an environment where our husbands, children, and others desire to be." Feminine Appeal ~ Carolyn Mahaney

I have been considering those things that effect my attitude. The things that create peace and those that take it. I am starting with the more practical.

These are some of the things that help maintain peace in my home:

*Switching the toys on a regular bases.
*Having a plan or schedule without strict time frames
*Being goofy with my kids (they love it)
*Being consistent with discipline
*Not waffling in the little decisions of life around the kids (I am a "ho hummer").
*Sleep....really the lack of
*Laughing at myself

Just today the kids where not playing with anything and I didn't get it. Then I remembered it has been over 3 weeks since I switched the toys. I rotated toys and they played happily for 2 hours. Toy switching is my friend! I have also found, especially on a busy day that chosen goofyness is a sure fire way of making everyone relax and be at peace. My kids love it especially since I tend to be a serious person. Being goofy is a discipline for me :o). My latest discovery is my ho - humming over the little things. "Can we watch a video after lunch" comes the sweet chirping of my children. The typical answer is "we will see". WRONG ANSWER! When I am decisive they are more content and at peace. I think I am indecisive because I like to leave my options open. Which translated means...I am lazy. I have also learned laughing at myself more makes for a peaceful home.

This is not exhaustive by any means and definitely doesn't address the heart. I am learning that being purposeful in the practical goes a long way in cultivating peace in my home and serves to help my attitude be what it ought.

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Stacy said...

Great post! I completely agree. We don't do the toy-switching at our house just because so far I'm too lazy to round toys up and find a place to put them for a season. But the rest of them? Love them and practice them! :)