Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Husband!

Today is Valentine's day. It comes with mixed emotion for me. Five years ago it was an innocent little day to eat chocolate and love on my husband. Today 5 years ago I had my first ultrasound with our son Jonah. It was that day that they informed us he would never live outside my body. This day 5 years ago began a divine and difficult walk for us. The shining Knight of that season and still today is my husband. He accomplished more then any one man should be capable during that time. He finished his exams and passed then with flying colors one week after our son was born and died (April 2002). He faced unemployment with a wife who's grief was unrelenting, he continued to love his little baby girl who was 2 at the time, dealt with unkindness from other people in the process, protecting his family. Every Valentine's Day I remember that horrible day when they told me my son would die. BUT I also remember the man God gave me that walked every step of the way with me, for me and with great strength. I love you Mr. M. and am so grateful for the path we have travelled together. God is so good! And much of that goodness has come to me by being married to you!

Daddy and his first born son, Jonah


Stacy said...

Oh. I am tearful, here, reading this.

Love and prayers for you today, friend.


Under the Sky said...

I agree with Stacy. What a powerful story! I am so very sorry for your loss, but rejoice with you in such a precious man.

God be with you today!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for strong, godly men like yours. God bless you today!!!

Heather_in_WI said...


Love this tribute to your husband. He sounds wonderful. :-)

I've missed your 'voice' & am glad to see that you're blogging more again. :)

Trivium Academy said...

What a wonderful picture, my eyes teared up reading and seeing it! Sniff, sniff.

The history notebook pages that I had in the picture are at, I put them together with SOTW's AG pages so we'd feel obliged to fill them in. We were skipping narrations and now with the History Scribe pages we're doing much better!

You are blessed my friend,