Thursday, January 18, 2007

Veritas Press and Story of the World

Okay I have finally made my decision. It's about time. I started out this year combining VP history and SOTW using a schedule from Paula's Archives. VP was the spine and supplemented with SOTW. Well.....I grew increasingly aware that I didn't need both of them. My reason for using VP was it started history at creation and SOTW did not. I thought I needed a curriculum to integrate bible into history and have since learned I don't. What I love about SOTW is the story format, narration and notebook pages that make up the learning process. VP is more memory and worksheet format with some neat projects. I am not looking for great retention but exposure, the wonder of learning about a different place and time and most of all a strong understanding of God's providential hand in history. So I will most likely keep my VP cards and use them as we study history to include the biblical events. This week we have learned about Isaac and Joseph. I used the Vos Story Bible and the Victor Journey through the Bible. We created a notebook page on each and put them in our history notebook. Today we are talking about the 12 tribes of Israel. Instead of taking one week to cover these I will do them in a day or two. It is working great for us.
So the plan is to use SOTW and simply add and/or flesh out biblical history on my own. SOTW doesn't cover David or Solomon but I want to include them so we will probably do that in one week.
I am so relaxed and enjoying history again and my dd is loving it too. All I need to do now is purchase the next set of VP cards and I'm set.


Heather_in_WI said...

Blech -- I just left this long comment and it didn't go through. Oh well.

We *are* so alike!!!! I wish you lived close enough so that we could go for coffee. :)

Mrs. "M" said...

I hate when that happens.
I agree..I could so see us a friends!

Anonymous said...

I wondered about VP history. I settled on SOTW, but always wondered if I should have gotten those cards. SOTW doesn't completely leave Biblical history out of the book, but they certainly don't detail it. They get back to them during the Roman Empire, but then leaves it again after Christ leaves the scene. And the account of Christ isn't exactly right. Anyway, it covers to the end of Rome without ever mentioning Paul. We started SOTW 2 recently. I like the stuff--the activities and the kids enjoy reading the book--but I don't like that it leaves out some things that I believe are important in world history. I just added it as I needed to--we just read the Bible.

Maybe I'll get those cards afterall.

Mrs. "M" said...

Hi Leslie,

I don't think you "need" the cards. They just make it easier for me. I have to do less planning and thinking :o).