Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Survey on Reading!

I came across this survey at Hiraeth. After I looked up the definition of "tomes" I could then begin to answer the questions LOL!

Has reading Christian blogs increased your desire to tackle weighty Christian tomes?

I have been growing in my love of weighty tomes for about 5 years now. Mostly due to a change in the church we attend and understanding the need of doctrine and theology in daily life.....blogs have definitely helped.

Have you learned of Christian authors and theologians that you might not have otherwise known or read?

Not necessarily authors but books themselves.

Have you purchased or borrowed books that were recommended by bloggers?


Have you read fewer "real" books as your blog reading has increased?


Has the availability/searchability of great Christian works caused you to rely upon them merely as resources?

In some cases yes but for the most

Do you think reading the great Christian authors and theologians is important and/or profitable?

Yes, Yes and Yes! One of my favorite quotes is
"If it's true, it's probably not new" Spurgeon

Do you read them? Yes

If so, who do you recommend?
Spurgeon, Edwards, Tozer, Sproul, Packer, Prentiss
I have a few modern ones I enjoy too!


kim from hiraeth said...

Thanks for playing, Sandi!

Your post, along with all the rest, confirm to me that women are hungry for doctrine and that we have started a "doctrinal conversation" through blogging!

I've been reading many of the same authors, Prentiss being a new one last year. Stepping Heavenward was the first book I read in 2006--I borrowed it from a friend.

Under the Sky said...

I like Prentiss too as well as RC Sproul Senior! I have always learned so much from RC. :+)

Prentiss offers very important life lessons. Beautiful Girlhood, while not a specific theology book, offers some very important reminders--I am reading it with my oldest daughter. (12) It is a special time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, found your blog through Heather (hrlabonte), I love to read about heavy doctrinal issues on others' blogs even if it doesn't agree with my own theology, it makes us think and dig in the word! Thanks for the post. : )