Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inside the Adorable Little House

Here is the bedrooms and office/homeschool area. We don't actually do school in the room but all the "stuff" is in there.
I am going to do another post for the Kitchen and Living room pictures.
These are the stairs to the attic/loft. The cozy corner is right below on the floor. Notice the slanting doors below the stairs. Diagonal closets really date the house

This is the cozy corner in the office/homeschool room.

The office/homeschool room. I just threw this stuff up really is driving me crazy.
The prized loft bed from Ikea (with the ugly label that says do not remove).
Underneath the loft bed in the kids room (still debating about getting a wardrobe)
The door to the front porch from our bedroom. It has a skeleton key. I love it!

This is our bedroom.

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Stacy said...

I love peeking in at your rooms! What a cute house-- full of character! Love the stairs to the attic! :) And the skeleton key in your door!