Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inside the Adorable Little House continued

Here are pictures of the living room and kitchen.
This is the fireplace that doesn't work. We haven't hung anything yet except the stockings.

This is looking the exact opposite of the below picture. It's messy but oh well :o)

We have 2 huge bay windows in the living room. The other one is to the left. When I open them all the way it is like going to the park while sitting on my couch. We had a big snow today and it felt like it was snowing inside with those big windows but without the cold.

You are looking from the living room into the kitchen/dining room. Notice the double glass doors. Love'em!

The sink area is to the left. The door straight ahead is the office. The french door to the left (with glass doorknobs :o) goes to the mud room/laundry. Our bedrooms are to the right.

Our eating area looking into the kitchen. The stove is actually behind the kids. It's a little funky.


Stacy said...

This is totally my kind of house. Really, really cute. The glass doors, a fireplace (ours doesn't work, either... we've lived here for 7 years and can't afford to get it fixed), the big windows-- lots of light, french doors, glass doorknobs,... AH! :)
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour!!!