Thursday, October 05, 2006

Canadian Thanksgiving

We are off tomorrow to visit the grandparents and celebrate October? I have been living in Canada for 8 years and still cannot wrap my head around Thanksgiving in October. But hey, I get to have turkey October, November and December. I've got it made!
And even though I am eating high protein/low carb I am not passing up the mashed potatoes!

Next week is our first week off school (except for history and math review) this year. I look forward to 90 minute story times, long walks in the fall air, maybe some puddle jumping depending on the weather and our new favorite game we call "animal chuck". We take all our little stuffed animals, sit on the couch and aim for an empty laundry basket across the living room. You keep going till there are no more animals in the the basket. The kids love it and they giggle the whole time! Ahh.... the life of a homeschooler.


Jessica of Trivium Academy said...

I need you to email me so I can send you the pdf files of what I've created. I'm sorry you weren't able to access them, I'll check into that.

Thanks for the interest and your comments, it's lovely to meet new people!

Enjoy your blessings

triviumacademy(at)hotmail dot com

Cherry said...

Happy Thanksgiving - my friend. Wish I was home - and I'm sure you wish you were here. We'll be home tomorrow. I might actually make the meeting tomorrow night.