Saturday, September 02, 2006

School Prep 2

I think I am ready to go with the exception of organizing our notebooks for history, science and language arts. I am still compiling a reading list for my daughter as well. I think I am most excited about our year of History studying Old Testament and Ancient Egypt. I have combined SOTW and Veritas Press. As I have looked at it more and more I see the need for SOTW less and less. I have made the VP wall map and copied out the timeline that goes with the map. It is a more user friendly, big picture way to do the mapping. I will have a better idea at the end of this year if SOTW was worth it. I have this sneaking suspicion that I won't use it next year. We will see!

I am excited because we are starting some new traditions around the first day of school this year. We are now officially starting school on the holiday Monday because then daddy is home. Monday we will go out to IHOP for breakfast (my 6 yr olds favorite) together as a family. Each year we are going to give each child a new good quality piece of literature. Last year my dd received Black Beauty in hardcover. Next will be the scavenger hunt for school supplies around the house. Then we will look through some of our new books (she's just like that ) . We will spend time decorating each notebook cover for each subject and making a cool cover for our natural journals. I am going to do one this year too. We will take a picture for the year. To top the day off we will start our first read aloud novel for the year. Then we will start academics on Tuesday. I will only do language arts, history and math next week and then add in any other subjects the next week.

If your interested to see how we are doing history click below. The schedule we are following is on Paula's Archive which was created by a online friend. Thanks Heather!

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