Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chronological Bible Reading

As I posted in my Body, Mind, & Spirit post I am reading through the bible in 2 years (hopefully). I have recently discovered through a dear friend the idea of reading through the bible chronologically. So I have read the first 11 chapters of Genesis and am now in Job. I love the book of Job. I think partly because I have had some friends in my life like his. I am excited about doing this. I think the OT will get tedious at times but I will still be studying other parts of the bible as time allows. It is neat because my 6 yr old and I are going through history starting at creation with Veritas Press. It is a perfect timing to start reading the bible chronologically.

This particular plan is a one year plan. Reading 4 whole chapters a day everyday is too much pressure for me so I will take is as I go. I like ticking it off when I have read 4 and my list addiction! Who knows I might do it in one year. Yesterday I read 6 chapters. Job is hard to put down in my opinion.

Check out the plan I am using below. Thanks Mary!


Mary said...

So glad to hear you're enjoying it, and you're right, the OT does get tedious at times. I also love the little check boxes for each day.

Gen said...

Sometimes I can't help but think that your blog is the answer to some of my prayers.

I've had a very difficult past six months and one of the challenges has been to find my spiritual self again.

Then one day, by mere chance, I came upon your site...and your wisdom!!

I have been wanting for some time to read the Bible and consistently find myself frustrated and discouraged.

I am so looking forward to trying your list.

Thank you!

God really does work in mysterious ways!