Thursday, September 28, 2006


As I go off to bed after a very long day......I am so grateful for my Godly Girlfriends. God has blessed me with some amazing women in my life. Some far away amd life long (Nancy, Genoa, Sunny), some in the cyber world (Stacey, Heather) and those of you in my own neck of the woods.

God is good!

Good night!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where have I been?

I haven't been blogging much..... not for lack of ideas but time. We found out about a week ago that we need to move. So we are putting much energy into finding a place to live.
I am also in the throws of potty training. It is going well but definitely more time consuming then diapers. Then there is school, church, packing, and trying to manage by diet and exercise consistently. We are trying to conceive which is all related to my diet and some meds I am taking. Talk about pressure... if I don't preach the truth to myself I can get a little batty. I feel a nap coming on after writing all that.

Life is fast and demanding right now. Looking forward to it slowing down and blogging over a cup of tea. Not sure when that will be????

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Calling All Moms of Toddlers

I am working through some spiritual goals and one is making, maintaining and actually praying through a list. I have always prayed for people but mostly inconsistently and I am trying to make it more of a joyful discipline in my life. I also want to keep a record of answered prayer as one more way to be thankful.

So.....I am interested in how other moms of small children accomplish this. Do you have a specific time of day you pray, do you have a prayer time with your children regularly or only by yourself? Do you keep a notebook?

I have learned that gleaning form others saves me a lot of time and energy. Most of my ideas have come from some variation of someone else's idea.

A special note to all my loving lurking friends (you know who you are). Here's your chance to give me some input. :o)

Chronological Bible Reading

As I posted in my Body, Mind, & Spirit post I am reading through the bible in 2 years (hopefully). I have recently discovered through a dear friend the idea of reading through the bible chronologically. So I have read the first 11 chapters of Genesis and am now in Job. I love the book of Job. I think partly because I have had some friends in my life like his. I am excited about doing this. I think the OT will get tedious at times but I will still be studying other parts of the bible as time allows. It is neat because my 6 yr old and I are going through history starting at creation with Veritas Press. It is a perfect timing to start reading the bible chronologically.

This particular plan is a one year plan. Reading 4 whole chapters a day everyday is too much pressure for me so I will take is as I go. I like ticking it off when I have read 4 and my list addiction! Who knows I might do it in one year. Yesterday I read 6 chapters. Job is hard to put down in my opinion.

Check out the plan I am using below. Thanks Mary!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lord help, Help me lay down my life

These words are from a post by my cyber friend Stacy (click below). Her post on "What about Me" first convicted me of my own sin and then has stuck in my mind over the last few days. Not only do I struggle with this related to my husband but my children too. I think I deserve a break. Space for myself. I deserve nothing, absolutely nothing.
Where this has been particularly challenging for me is related to how I am feeling physically. I have not been feeling well off and on since I started new meds related to a fertility problem. I had a crummy 3 weeks and got this week I feel yucky again. Because I don't feel well I think I am entitled to something. I feel I am entitled to be grumpy with my kids or husband. That I am entitled to rest and relaxation. After all I am sick right, my life stinks, I cannot have a baby and I have had to bury one of my others. What sin sick self pity!

I am grateful to Stacy for her post because though for the most part it was controlled "Whoa is me" heart was in sin and self focus. I know clearly when this sin of self pity takes over because I begin to get irritated at every little thing my kids do. When they do childish things that would be expected I over react. I am more focused on myself then I am my servant role of mother and wife. The greatest servant of all has died for my sin so I would never know the wrath that I deserve. Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ!....and for people who will reflect the gospel to my sin sick heart.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Hard to believe it has been five years. I watched a documentary last night about what the firefighters went through on that day. Unreal is my only response.

My heart is especially heavy for the children who lost their mothers and fathers that day.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I found out what had happened. I wasn't living in the USA at the time and that felt weird. No matter where I live I will always be a citizen of Heaven first and then the United States of America.

Please pray with me today for all those children living without their parents.

Friday, September 08, 2006

First Week of School

The first week is already over. We had a blast. I was going to post my school/home schedule for this year but thought I better see if it works first. I was pleasantly surprised that most everything worked out great. I still need to plan some more activities for my three yr old but other then that we are good to go. I am a scheduler. It is a bit of a joke with some friends. I have been thinking much lately about why I am that way. That is another post.
So though this may look detailed I refer to it as more of a routine. I have chunks of the day that have certain things that need to be done. All is flexible around the concrete things like wake time, meal times, bedtimes ect.

Wake 6:15
coffee, time with God
7:00 am
kids up, dress, make beds
breakfast, clean up
unload DW & fold one load of laundry and put away
mom treadmill, kids read and play on moms bed
9:15 am
Circle time (bible and memory work)
Once per week subject (ex. Art Pac)
Snack/free time or recess
Language Arts
History/Science depending on the day
Outside/free time
Toddler Storytime
Nap 3 yr old
Read aloud 6 yr old
Quiet time
6yr old reading, listening to stories on CD, crafts
Mom emails, phone calls, etc
Free time for all
dinner prep
clean up, family time, bible, baths, read aloud

I used to schedule cleaning into my day at a specific time. That doesn't work for me anymore. I was a slave to the time. I also have grown in my own self discipline to be able to say I need to do XYZ today and for the most part do it. I have a weekly rotation written down. I am trying to leave Friday open for the things that go undone due to life. I find bits of time here and there. I usually clean the bathroom while a child is bathing or the kitchen during dinner prep. We also do have a small house. I cannot imagine cleaning some of the mansions in our city.
The one thing that has
changed my daily house keeping life is how I now do laundry. It would always pile up and haunt me everyday. It was a source of stress for me. I never had it done or away. I now put one load of laundry in after the kids go to bed. I throw it in the dryer before I go to bed. I then fold one load of laundry every morning after I unload the dishwasher and before I jump on the treadmill. I start Sunday night and go through Friday night. That is 6 loads per week. On Thursday I wash all the sheets during the day. That totals 7 loads of laundry a week. It works great for our family of 4. I think what is helping is that the week before school started I did all the deep cleaning stuff and I made sure everything had a place and was in it's place. Clean up has gotten much smoother. Every toy has a permanent home. I think they and we are more happy.

I am loving Veritas Press History so far. And I really like First Language Lessons too. It is so laid back......I think it's nap time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My New Word

alacrity ~ eager willingness or readiness, often manifested by quick lively action

I first read this word in Pride and Prejudice. I love this word. I love words period! I am going to try and use this word in daily life. My children will stare in weird facial expressions the first few times but they will get it soon enough.

I might even try using the adjective "alacritous".

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Body, Mind and Spirit

How many times have we heard those three words. They have been much in my thoughts lately. I think most women are aware of their bodies and the need to take care of them. I sure am grateful for my new treadmill. I have tried the gym, walking out doors, videos and they haven't worked well. The treadmill is here to stay! Most Christian women I know are very aware of the need to grow spiritually and to cultivate their personal relationship with God. There definitely are plenty of resources to help. The area where I think it is easy for women especially of small children to let slide is the "mind". Before anyone throws tomatoes, I am not saying we are not smart I would say just the opposite. I personally find it easy to let my brain go unexercised long before I let my body or spirit go. I think it is important that we not forget to stimulate our minds appropriately. Reading is the easiest most enjoyable way. Reading is to the brain like the treadmill is to my backside. It works it out and leaves noticeable results. Learning something new is also important. I have wanted to learn to quilt for a long time. I need to do it! I have also wanted to do more writing but can always find an excuse to put it off. Memorization is another good exercise for the mind and spirit. When I am challenging my mind I do my other everyday task more efficiently and refreshed. All this said bearing in mind that all we pursue should be in light of God's glory and the precious role and calling of motherhood and helper to our husbands.

So here's my current plan for Body, Mind and Spirit:

Treadmill 5x per week (already on week 2 of this with a few days missed)
Go to bed earlier
Eat high protein/ low carb (lost 12 pounds in the last 3 months)

I have just started to read Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" again. I read it over ten years ago. This is my favorite book of all time AND it is over 1.000 pages long. More on another post.

I plan to record the words I routinely misspell and learn them. They will be crossed off my list once I can consistently spell them correctly. Spell check though helpful makes for a lazy brain.

I am starting a quote /copy book. It is where I will compile all the quotes or poems I like. I will do it in my best penmanship. Penmanship is a dying art. I can type but would always rather write by hand.

I am starting to read through the bible starting in Genesis and the NT. I cannot do it in one year I have tried so I am taking two years to do it. When we start studying Creation next week I will start my reading plan.

Read one book on the cross this year slowly and actually apply what I have read instead of saying "great stuff" and then going on with life. (haven't decided which book yet...any suggestions welcome)

Create and maintain a prayer list with a record of those answered.

Memorize portions of scripture. I am currently working on Deuteronomy 6:4-9
and 1 Corinthians 1:27-31

I would encourage you to think through these three areas yourself if you haven't already.

School Prep 2

I think I am ready to go with the exception of organizing our notebooks for history, science and language arts. I am still compiling a reading list for my daughter as well. I think I am most excited about our year of History studying Old Testament and Ancient Egypt. I have combined SOTW and Veritas Press. As I have looked at it more and more I see the need for SOTW less and less. I have made the VP wall map and copied out the timeline that goes with the map. It is a more user friendly, big picture way to do the mapping. I will have a better idea at the end of this year if SOTW was worth it. I have this sneaking suspicion that I won't use it next year. We will see!

I am excited because we are starting some new traditions around the first day of school this year. We are now officially starting school on the holiday Monday because then daddy is home. Monday we will go out to IHOP for breakfast (my 6 yr olds favorite) together as a family. Each year we are going to give each child a new good quality piece of literature. Last year my dd received Black Beauty in hardcover. Next will be the scavenger hunt for school supplies around the house. Then we will look through some of our new books (she's just like that ) . We will spend time decorating each notebook cover for each subject and making a cool cover for our natural journals. I am going to do one this year too. We will take a picture for the year. To top the day off we will start our first read aloud novel for the year. Then we will start academics on Tuesday. I will only do language arts, history and math next week and then add in any other subjects the next week.

If your interested to see how we are doing history click below. The schedule we are following is on Paula's Archive which was created by a online friend. Thanks Heather!