Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We are back!

Vacation was great! We stayed home and made day trips in the lower mainland. Sure beats all the packing and sleeping in a strange bed. We went to Science World, Stanley park and road the horse drawn carriage, we spent time at the water slide park. We were tourist in our own town. I would highly recommend vacationing this way if you live in a bigger city. It is convenient and good for the budget. As for now I have had enough of Vancouver and will retreat back to my little town. And one bonus was, with all the driving I read an entire book in 5 days. When does that ever happen!

Also wanted to add that my very brave 6 yr old daughter had to get a filling today. They did the whole numbing and rubber dam (it was pink) thing. She was a trooper! They ended up doing two because she was dealing so well. The dentist was very impressed and said she did better then most adults. Unfortunately she has two more visits like this. All 6 cavities are contact cavities. She has them because I didn't floss her teeth daily. I am still trying not to kick myself! So get flossing mama's!

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