Saturday, August 26, 2006

School Prep

I haven't been blogging very much due to school starting soon. I have had much to do and have not felt well on top of it all. I was also going to attempt potty training my just turned three year old....well that hasn't gone so well.
This year I do have a school room which is exciting. My problem is I am a poor decision maker when it comes to the best place for things. I envy those who are able to weed out the unnecessary, know what to keep and where to put it. (Help me Cherry!) I have books...did I say lots of books and they are taking over my house. I need to go through them and get rid of some and store others for another time. I also need to break my library addiction. We can have too many books at one time. We are also going to the Island to visit family from the 30th -Sept 3rd. So I better get going.
Things to do:
I need to finish organizing the school room.
Prep my daughters notebooks and clean out the old ones
Purchase art supplies and school supplies
Organize some projects for my 3 yr old
Create my fall schedule
Figure out what I am doing for copywork this year

I think there is more, but those are the biggies right now. I just finished copying and compiling my VP/SOTW history for the year. I am using a file crate with a folder for each week. It includes any history projects/info, bible, weekly art project materials, and any other bit of something I need for that week. I grab the folder on Monday and off we go. I am looking forward to this method this year. Last year was to much random paper. I also (from suggestions at Preschoolers and Peace) have created a memory box. It has most all the things we intend to memorize this year. I have a large file box with bigger index cards for each thing. The catechism takes several cards as well as the 21 Rules of our House. I have scripture cards, poetry cards, history cards etc. This way she can also do copywork from the cards. We will have circle time every morning after our bible time and work on memory.

Off to tackle that school room. I finally have my own desk!!!!!!!

I think I have written this more for my benefit then anyone else's. LOL!


Stacy said...

Dear Sandi-
Thank you for your comment on my post. I responded to you there, but wanted to come over here and say thank you, too.

Mrs. "M" said...


You are so kind and genuine. I very much enjoy your honesty and heart for God. I am glad I found your blog!