Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Functional Centrality of the Gospel

I am finally getting around to sharing about Celebration. I composed a post a few days ago and some how lost it entirely while trying to parent from the keyboard. I don't recommend it!

The one thing that struck me most from Celebration was when Rick said we should"never shift from the gospel" then he proceeded to expound on that. He talked about the Functional Centrality of the Gospel...about how the gospel functions in our lives every moment of everyday.

His second message was about putting on the new self. Something that was a huge paradigm shift for me was when he said:
"We fight sin as justified sinners. Every sin we ever fight is cancelled sin." Whoa! It is so easy to forget every sin we wage against is already forgiven and cancelled. There is no indwelling sin any longer. We don't need TO KILL the OLD MAN because Christ did that on the cross already. I am the new self and now I need to live like it!

A few quotes that I have spent time meditating on:

"All our problems arise from a failure to apply the gospel to our situation"

"Discouragement indicates something has become more important then God, the cross and the gospel."

"Stop being what you are no longer and become what you already are!"

It was a wonderful time!

Form today until Tuesday the 8th our family is officially on vacation. I probably won't be around till next week. I am then going to start posting some of my other schedules (I promised awhile ago) and plans for homeschool in the fall.

What a glorious savior we serve!


Alanne said...


I love you. I enjoyed this read. Love the quotes you shared! Encouraging and definately something to chew on. I'd like to share if I feel the need. Permission please (and yes I give credit where it is due:) Have an amazing vacation! I can't wait to sit and read the Mental Obesity one. Sounds great!


Mrs. "M" said...

Hi Friend,

Good to hear from you. We need a visit...hopefully in September.

Permission Granted :)