Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cleaning Schedule

This is long over due......I think I said I would post this back in June. I am gearing up for fall. Thinking about school and planning a weekend to get it all organized. I have tons of copying to do. Before I start that I wanted to get my house back into an ebb and flow..... get the kids back into morning chores and responsibilities. We have had a veryyyyy laid back summer :)

I tried over the summer to clean two times a week for longer. Big mistake! I cannot do that with two young kids with out using the TV as a baby sitter or ignoring them. My hat is off to those who can do it with their kids that long. What works better for me is to have a room a day that we tackle. I also found this great idea about laundry. First off all let me say my two least favorite cleaning chores are dusting (blek!) and putting laundry away. I can wash it and fold it. I love the methodic hum and sorting effect of folding laundry. Yes....I am looney but I find it relaxing. NOW.....putting it away I would rather do anything else. In the past my husband has faithfully put it away by choice...just to be sweet. He works two jobs and serves in many ways so I want to do it from now on. Every night I put in one load and then put it in the dryer as I go to bed. In the morning I take it out and put the basket in the kitchen as I start my coffee. After breakfast clean up and dishes I simply fold the ONE load. I have my six year old put most of it away while I do the few things she can't. She loves it and SO do I :) One load each morning feels so small. Prior to that I would do tons of loads and never fold and get them away. So even if I dont finish it in the morning...I know I have one load to get away a day. It is working great!

Here's the cleaning schedule:

Monday - Kitchen

Tuesday - Bathroom

Wednesday - Mop and weekly cleaning

Thursday - Bedrooms (load of sheets that night)

Friday - Living Room

I have a running list of what I do in each room. If any one is interested in more detail let me know. I have found the great thing about it, is if something needs to be done but can wait I know that day will come soon. Other wise I am all over the place and never get any one place cleaned. I also have my daily things I do.

One other area of growth I am working on is putting things away. A friend told me once if I could do something in 5 minutes just do it then. I have been trying to make that a discipline and it really makes a difference.

Happy Cleaning!


Heather said...

I used to do my cleaning this way (a room a day), but stopped doing that when we moved to our new house. Lately, I've been thinking about going back to that method, because my new way doesn't seem to be working! It's not that my house is messy -- it's constantly picked-up, but each room is not deep-cleaned regularly, if you know what I mean.

Mrs. "M" said...

I do know what you mean. Even with doing a room a day there are weeks when I don't deep clean. I do like knowing I can do it next week and then I don't have to think about when it will get done.

I am curious to know when you do your cleaning in your day.

pamela ann said...

mrs. m, when did you get a blog?

Heather_in_WI said...


Well, with my current method I tried to pick up everything, put a load in the washer, and start the dishwasher before 8:30a. It was driving me crazy ... and haven't done it for awhile. I'm thinking that maybe it's just the weather too -- in the winter (all 6 months of it!) when we're all cooped up, our house runs on a much tighter schedule. With the nice weather of summer and being on vacation, we've been very sporadic. ;(

When I did the room a day way, I would do it after school -- but I only had one child in K4 then -- so that was around 10:30ish.

Heather_in_WI said...

Oh .. I came here to invite you to participate in the Homeschool Resources Meme Tag. Consider this a voluntary tag only!

Mrs. "M" said...

Fun! Fun!
I look forward to doing it