Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sovereignty and Simplicity

I have been basking in God's sovereignty lately. Reading it, listening to it, memorizing it and thinking on it. Then I go to church and the whole message is about Joseph and how it was God's doing that his brothers sold him to slavery for His purposes and own glory and their good. What they intended for evil God intended for good. What a mystery! What a blessing! What a place to rest your head and heart!
There is much simplicity that comes to life and all its challenges when you can embrace God's sovereignty. There is nothing that is out of His hand or control. When I go to bed at night that is the last thing I say to Him and myself. Thank you that all I faced today was from your mighty and caring hand, for my good and ultimately for your glory. This is true rest!

The below is a quote by Spurgeon I have been meditating on lately:

" should be satisfied with your earthly portion; for you may rest assured that it is the fittest for you. Unerring wisdom ordained your lot, and selected for you the safest and best condition....Remember this, had any other condition been better for you then the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there. You are placed by God in the most suitable circumstances....Be content with such things as you have, since the Lord ordered all things for your good. Take up your own daily cross; it is the burden best suited for your shoulder, and will prove most effective to make you perfect in every good word and work to the glory of God.

Trials must and will befall
But with humble faith to see
Love inscribed upon them all;
This is happiness to me."

Lord you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. Psalm 16:5


Heather said...


Very nice post. I like the Spurgeon quote. :)


Stacy said...

What an encouragement this was to me today. Exactly where my heart has been... trying to be content; and trust in what he has given me and not want for more.

Thank you!

Mrs.M said...

Hi Stacy,

Glad you came for a visit!