Thursday, June 22, 2006

Schedules and Routines

I am one of those people who loves to have a schedule. Mostly because it helps me get stuff done. I find that I can serve my family better and spend time with God when there is order to my day.

I have become increasingly aware lately of my dependence on my schedule and routines being unhealthy. When I find I am frustrated when I don't accomplish it all, or short with my children because they aren't moving fast enough I know my trust is in the wrong place. These are great alarm bells for me. First if my children are not moving fast enough that is a training issue not a "routine" issue. And if I am angry (that's what frustration really is) when I don't get it all done I am telling Jesus he isn't sufficient. I heard a quote (that I think is) from CJ Mahaney that has changed my whole perspective on this: "God is the only one who finishes his to do list everyday" . Striving for perfection here on earth will only end in disappointment and frustration. So I repent and acknowledge the schedule as a tool and turn my heart back to the one who makes it all happen. My trust must be in Him who is all things, in all ways.

That said I believe schedules and routines are one of the best tools to serve my family. I would never be able to home educate, take care of the house, love my husband and children and serve in the local church or maintain relationships without some kind of structure. I have found no other way to be purposeful in my care for others consistently outside of this.

Over the next few days I am going to post my summer schedule, cleaning schedule, and how I organize my week.

The girl talk blog has been posting about scheduling the last few days and has some really great ideas.


Mamalee said...

Wow so agree with ya babe, know how about the whole scheduling thing with say PMS. Lets just say yesterday was a day I wish I could erase! Love ya babe

Mama Lee

Heather said...

Schedules? Heh-heh. We are *so* alike! :)