Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Summer Schedule

Okay here it is. I want to add that this schedule so helps me have to think less about smaller details and focus more on relationship with my kids. This is one of the greatest benefit I get from this. Also to add that in the summer when a fun opportunity presents itself...we are gone and I will make up for what was undone later. During the school year that's a bit different.

6:30 am Up/QT/ Coffee
7:00 Exercise 3x week (this happens randomly but I try)
My kids aren't allowed up before 7
From 7-7:30 they have QT in their rooms with books.
Check email
8:00 Breakfast/Bible at table
Clean up/ morning grooming and chores
9:00 Homeschool 3x a week
We are doing math, spelling, story narration
and read alouds over the summer
10:15 Snack and toy clean up
10:30 Free time/outside time
We weed, mow, go for walks, park or run errands
11:45 Lunch prep/ kids table time
12:30 Lunch/read aloud and story time/clean up toys if needed
1:30 Nap for 2 yr old.
Quiet reading time for 6 yr old
Free time or catch up for mom (emails, calls, etc)
3:30 Snack and History read aloud
(My First History of Canada right now)
4:00 Free time/ any loose ends for mom
4:30 Start dinner
(my 6 yr old dd reads too or plays with my 2yr ds)
She has to let her brother direct the play and serve him,
it is great training.
5:30 Dinner/clean up (we try to chat around the table)
6:30 Family time and bible with dad
8:00 Bed for kids

I never do this perfectly anyday of the week because little lives can be unpredictable or I get lazy . I also never want to be a slave to is my servant. I do know on those days that I am tired or struggling to be diligent this schedule helps me know where to go next.

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