Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Classical Education in our home

We have chosen to go the Classical route to educate our children. I have read and read about the classical approach. There is Latin Classical (some would say this is the only "real" classical), neo-classical or modern classical, and many other variations. For awhile I was getting caught up in "which" we were. I am reading a book about "Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning" and his best situation is a private Christian classical school with intense parent involvement where you really know the teachers. No offense to Mr. Wilson but what world is he living in???? Sure that would be great but where do such places exist for the majority? No where near me. I must admit the book was a bit disappointing. He states in his opinion it is necessary to have a teacher to teach the higher grades to be truly classical. I would rather ditch classical then send my kids into the world of public or private school where I live. He does state though that if a private school to his satisfaction was not available he would homeschool. Mr. Wilson has a desire to see education as a whole changed where as I am not concerned about the public education. Maybe I should be?

I always have to go back to what drew me to the classical approach. It teaches you how to think. And being a Christian it will serve to teach my children to think biblically and logically. It will teach them to learn, process and analyze their world and mostly the word of God. If you know how to learn you can do anything. I think we will do Latin but I feel I could go the classical road and benefit without Latin. It also looks to the past to learn and glean. Modern culture.....well in my opinion it is moving away from "thinking" all together. We live in an impulsive, self indulgent, entertain me world that draws our attention to ourselves and not others and the one true God. I am not glorifying the past by any means but there is much to learn from those who have gone before us. We have technology to "think" for us. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my computer but I want my children to learn to think and use the brain God gave them. At the end of the day the most important thing is that Christ is the center of my home, our education and lives.
I don't think Classical is the only way to go but it just makes sense to us. I am excited to learn as I educate my children. I am most excited to have my children with me all day long as they learn, fail, grow, struggle and succeed. Their hearts are the ultimate priority.

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